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"Humanizing" dogs

Discussion in 'Dog Debates' started by buddysmom, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Noelle's Mom

    Noelle's Mom Banned

    She takes the dog on the playground goes down the slide with her and has a really good time. Is this humanizing?

    I can't get mine to do that!! They love to climb on the equipment but won't go down a slide. Something like that I won't force.
  2. ownz0rjoo

    ownz0rjoo Puppy

    I dunno mine just does it lol...we where at the park one day and she climbed up the ladder and went down the slide i was like wtf!!?!?
  3. airwalk

    airwalk Little Dog

    I think humanizing is when folks forget they are dogs and begin expecting and attributing human behaviors and feelings. I do think dogs feel jealousy, happiness, depression, frustration, etc., but they don't plan, get revenge or my favorite "learn their lesson". I always love folks that come to pick up their dog at the shelter and tell us.."well maybe he's learned his lesson and will stay home now"..omg, you have got to be kidding me!

    Dogs have these emotions at their most elemental level so they have no "shades of grey".

    I don't think there is anything wrong with (or at least I hope not or I'm doomed) talking to your dog...they respond to tone and body language anyway, or allowing them permissions for certain things like jumping up on the couch..as long as everyone remembers these are, in fact, permissions granted by you to them and they can be revoked.

    I use different costumes and hats on Scooter all the time to educate and endear him to groups that I'm trying to educate. It's really hard to be afraid of a dog wearing a jester's collar or a fire hat and adults have a hard time remaining afraid when he's wearing his Harley hat. That's not humanizing him - because frankly he'd prefer we skip the dressing up part - it's part of his training.
  4. annji

    annji Little Dog

    I definately humanize my dog. My husband and I both do. However, there is a limit. It is a dog, just a dog anway you look at it. Ofcourse it's also the baby that sleeps in my bed every night and knows me by the name "mommy". However, if her behavior became unacceptable and I could find NO way to correct it, she would be gone

    As others have stated here animals should not come before humans. If your favorite aunt comes to visit, but she hates dogs, put the dogs outside. If a neighbors dog keeps getting out and eating the chickens, get rid of the dog. That whole L. Helmsley thing...total crap. it's a dog.

    And didn't think I'd ever dressone up for Halloween, but she's so cute we just might this year. Plus, she hates the cold so i might even get her a really cute sweater this year. :)
  5. ownz0rjoo

    ownz0rjoo Puppy

    well what i have learned from experience is that people who come over to my house love my dogs and would rather me have them out, and the poeple who are afraid of my dogs just refuse to come over wether or not i put them up. For the ridiculous reason of they are PITBULLS and they might break the door down and come attack me....hah ok w/e our dogs have super powers if you where not already aware.
  6. Noelle's Mom

    Noelle's Mom Banned

    People know that my dogs live in my home. If they refuse to visit because of that, then chances are I really don't want them here anyway.
  7. maryellen

    maryellen Good Dog

    i only humanize mine when i dress one of them up... other then that they are all dogs, not children.. while it would be great if they could get a job and pay the bills LOL, they cant as they are 4 legged animals... they get the best of everything, but i am still the leader... if someone hates dogs and wants to come over, i will not put my dogs away for that persons visit.. the person can either come over and accept that my dogs are my family,or not.. there is no reason my dogs should be kept out side or locked in a room if someone comes over who doesnt like dogs.. its my house, my rules. .. i have a few people that come over who dont like dogs, but they are fine with my rules, they just ignore the dogs when they are in my house, that i am fine with, but i wont put them outside... i wouldnt expect people with kids to lock their kids up or outside when i come over if they are unruly..

    i do talk to the dogs like kids, mostly blabbering, but sometimes i think they can somewhat understand with certain words i use..

    i think some people just go the extreme, and totally baby the dog to the point the dog is spoiled rotten and behaves badly , and dont understand why the dog is acting like a spoiled child..

    and who can resist a dog dressed up?
  8. Noelle's Mom

    Noelle's Mom Banned

    It doesn't sound as if we are all that much different. I just call them my kids, lol. Same as you, I am the one in charge, just as I would be with my children. The only difference I see between kids and dogs is that their needs are a little different (have to be more careful about fighting obviously) and that my dogs will never leave that 5 year old kid stage. So they couldn't be out working.
  9. tat2stuff

    tat2stuff Good Dog

    I don't think most of the examples given in this thread would fit my definition of "humanizing" . Talking silly, dressing up, going down a slide, feeding human food, etc.

    When you put a dog on the same plain as a human, need and treatment wise, is when there is a problem. When you can't distinguish between how you treat another person and a dog. Valuing a dogs life at the same level or higher than another humans. We tend to use our animals to fill voids we have in our lives, everyone is guilty of it, it's just the level you take it too. Dogs have primal needs that need to be filled, if not they are not happy well balanced "canines". When we project our human needs and feelings on them, they fail.

    I just watched an episode of Taboo last week on pets. There was a woman on there that was being interviewed on a couch, petting her stuffed dog. She lost her husband and shortly after her dog passed and she had the dog stuffed. She also said if she could choose between having her husband back or the dog, she would choose the dog. :no2:
  10. Noelle's Mom

    Noelle's Mom Banned

    I can kind of understand that. How often did her husband make her feel loved? Did he kiss her and let her know that she was important to him? Did he spend any time cuddling with her? Or was he one of those people who figure that his wife is always going to be there so neglects her emotional and maybe even physical needs. People are not always worth much of anything.
  11. tat2stuff

    tat2stuff Good Dog

    here husband was a loving caring man I believe, even if he was a little laxed in those areas, I can't see choosing and animals life over a humans.

    I agree some people aren't worth much of anything, I wouldn't put a crackhead killers life over my dogs I guess, but I don't know about a non supporting spouse.
  12. Galadriel

    Galadriel Good Dog

    If you're doing things like picking your drapes and furniture based on the color your dog wants, i.e. "Oh, that won't do! Fluffy HATES that color blue!" then there's a problem. =)
    Treating your dog with love and respect while filling their basic requirements (even a little spoiling sometimes) does not equate to humanizing your pet. Believing your dog is on the same emotional and intellectual level as humans, capable of understanding the world as a human does and reacting the way a human does is a whole other ballgame. So far, I haven't seen anyone here who fits that description.
    What I found even more disturbing than the woman who stuffed her dogs was the woman with the iguana. She dressed "her" (was actually a him) in dolls clothes and took him everywhere with her, treating him like a child. I felt horrible for the poor lizard =/
  13. buddysmom

    buddysmom Good Dog

    There are scores of humans I'd place any dog's life over.

    That doesn't mean I equate dogs with humans. But when we're talking about people who murder, rape, and abuse (especially those who abuse innocents like children and animals), these people can all die painfully and I won't give a whiff.

    Wheras, I am sad when any dog dies. Not because they are equal to humans, but because they are innocent.

    There are people in this world who feel a deeper connection with animals, and that is OK. The human-animal bond makes us a better species. Not the whackos who think their dogs are babies, but people like Monty Roberts who really try to connect with animals on their level.
  14. Cynthia

    Cynthia Good Dog

    Well I am not sad when some dogs die. The reason being I have worked at AC In Colorado Springs. Also I see some very unstable dogs at my job now that should not be trusted around ppl. Wether it be from lack of socialization or genetics. Now lack of socialization is human fault. Also some of the quarrantine dogs that come into my clinic. SOme dogs are unstable and do need to be put down.
  15. airwalk

    airwalk Little Dog

    I agree with that. We see some very unstable, and frankly miserable dogs that the most humane thing we can do for them is to help them to a quiet release.
  16. buddysmom

    buddysmom Good Dog

    Of course, some dogs need to be PTS and that is the kind and/or safe thing to do.

    But on a level it is still sad. I see all animals (and children) as innocent. Human adults are the only ones capable of evil IMO. So that is another way dogs and people are very different.
  17. DieselDawg

    DieselDawg Good Dog

    I definitely try to "socialize" my dog so he is comfortable around humans...but I also remember Dogs will be Dogs and let him be what he is. The important thing to remember is that YOU are taking resposibility for your dogs actions, so you have to be in control of your pet...for their protection also. I think it is always a bit of a competition between a Dog and his/her Owner...we are trying to "Humanize" them and they are trying to "Canine" us.

    As for love, they definitely show love toward us and I return the same. I think we humans benefit more from the relationship for the most part.

    Well, Diesel is calling me...I think we are going to go pee on some trees and chase some squirrels...Woof!
  18. Miakoda

    Miakoda GRCH Dog

    Some of the comments I've read remind me of this one made by a high-up PETA employee:

    "If I saw a smart dog and a mentally retarded child drowning....I'd save the dog."

    I know it's not word for word so if someone has that quote, I'd love to have it as it was truly said. Also, I'd love to have some time alone with the guy that made that statement...............:mad:
  19. Galadriel

    Galadriel Good Dog

    Is this what you were thinking of?

    "According to Singer, parents should be permitted to kill a baby born with a tragic illness or defect. In "Practical Ethics," he argues that "... the fact that a being is a human being, in the sense of a member of the species Homo sapiens, is not relevant to the wrongness of killing it; it is, rather, characteristics like rationality, autonomy and self-consciousness that make a difference. Infants lack these characteristics. Killing them, therefore, cannot be equated with killing normal human beings, or any other self-conscious beings."
  20. Miakoda

    Miakoda GRCH Dog

    No, but that made me vomit! I hope that guy rots........:cuss:


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