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hulk the so called (pitbull)!!!!

Hi all my name is arron. So here is my problem, my cousin went and bought one of these pit bulls from dark dynasty k9s with his income tax. He took this puppy to his vet and had a dna test done for his puppy. Well the results came back that this puppy has no American pit bull terrier in it....The results came back saying that it has American Stafford shire terrier, cane corso, great dane and some other breed. So he pretty much spent thousands of dollars on a dog that doesn't even have pit bull in it. And the vet also said that with this dogs assumed adult size he may have a lot of health problems with his hips and possibly heart problems as well. Does anyone else have any experience with these people and their dogs as well? Tia
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Good Dog
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Well it's pretty obvious that that kennel doesn't have Pit Bulls. 100+lb dogs are a bit of a hint.

Yes, he will very likely have structural issues (I'm guessing based on the structure of their dogs I've seen). I would talk to your vet about a proactive plan to prevent as much damage as possible. Keeping the dog at a lean weight will be important to lessen strain on joints. Other than that... You'll basically get what you get. Not much you can do about genetics.

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Well, those "breed DNA tests" are a scam, but if your cousin had actually bothered to do any research at all before he ran out and impulse purchased a dog so far out of standard that even he was second guessing the breed, he could have found information about the Eddington dogs and Whopper, and then he'd have known that the dogs are actually American Bulldog, Dogue de Bordeaux, and ? mixes.

A fool and his money are soon parted.


Little Dog
LOL... The website for that breeder touts 170+lb dogs and advertises head and neck size. Fabulous. Lets just make a dog that is soooo big and buff but can barely walk or lick its own balls.


Little Dog
They are f&&&king good in marketing !!! the video is nice !!! as we used to say "beauty but ordinary".
Yeah well, I know this is definitely late. BUT like these people said, 100- 170 pound dogs can't be American Pitbull Terriers. I don't know who your cousin is, or what kind of dog he wanted, but it seems pretty stupid to think any of those dogs are 'purebred' Apbts or any bully breed. If your cousin wanted a giant dog- a shelter mutt would have been better than any of the puppies from dark dynasty k9s. Before any person gets a dog- you need to do extensive research on the breed/s, not just get a dog because it's cool looking. These people sell mutts for 5000 - 35000, call their dogs ' American Pitbull Terriers ', Don't know much about dogs, have bad genetics, etc. They also "train their dogs in protection", and have over 21 dogs- but have many different teams of bodyguards?- seems off.
Screenshot 2022-02-27 1.26.16 AM.png vs.. Screenshot 2022-02-27 1.44.08 AM.png
Screenshot 2022-02-27 1.27.07 AM.png vs.. Screenshot 2022-02-27 1.46.28 AM.png

Screenshot 2022-02-27 1.27.45 AM.png vs.. download (67).jpeg

Screenshot 2022-02-27 1.29.20 AM.png vs.. Screenshot 2022-02-27 1.53.04 AM.png
But here are some pictures of their dogs vs Real Pitbulls (just to show your cousin..)


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