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How would you explain it?

Discussion in 'American Bully' started by bluestark, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. bluestark

    bluestark American Bully Moderator

    If someone asked you what kind of dog that way you had and you said it was an American Bully...
    They asked what that was, What would you answer to them.
    I am trying to find new ideas as to educate these idiots.
    Lets see who has the best answer.
  2. Pink

    Pink GRCH Dog

    Well, I've actually had to explain it to a man at PetsMart.
    I just simply told him that an AmBully was originally an APBTxAST, but some have Mastiff and English Bulldog mixed in for looks.
    We talked for about 15-20 minutes about it, and he ACTED like he understood. Lol.
  3. DarkKnight

    DarkKnight Little Dog

    It really depends on the person. How they act and if you get any "vibes" off them. I had a guy who was interested in breeding Kratos to his proven fighting bitch....that went over real well!

    What I have been saying lately is:

    "Is that a Pit Bull?"

    "No, he/she is American Bully. They were originally bred from APBTs and AmStaffs to be the ultimate family companion and now they are a recognized breed of their own. The people who created the breed knew how great APBTs/AmStaffs are as family companions but did not want to have to deal with the level of animal aggression or their high energy requirements so the breeders started crossing them with more dog/animal tolerant dogs with lower energy requirements to create the American Bully. The American Bully kept the APBTs people friendliness and love for their owners but bred out the animal/dog aggression. With the selected breedings the dogs also gained in size."
  4. JPop

    JPop Little Dog

    Although 'pit bulls' are common where I live, and in general it's a 'dog friendly' neighborhood, it seems most people, even APBT owners don't know about AM Bullies. I also often get comment likes ' wow, he's a great looking pit bull, he must be well bred ' or something similar. This make me feel great of course, then I explain that he's an AMbully, as Dark knight does, but less eloquently. Most aren't really listening, but one of the neighbors got himself an AMBully pup because he admired Rocco.
  5. bluestark

    bluestark American Bully Moderator

    That's basically what I say. Sometimes just do not have time to elaborate. Or don't want to deal with idiots. Lol
  6. phbullies

    phbullies Big Dog

    Some great answers.
  7. Miakoda

    Miakoda GRCH Dog

    Pretty simple and to the point. :)
  8. Sagebrush

    Sagebrush Good Dog

    I think the whole "bully" thing as a breed and the controversy over them is sort of an Internet driven creation. If you don't go to Pit Bull message boards you're not going to know about them.

    Anyway, the whole big, thick Pit Bull as the public's perception of these dogs has been around for a while and that IS what a Pit Bull is to them.

    That they are official "breed" is lost on them. They are Pit Bulls to the public -- they "look" like Pit Bulls to the public.

  9. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    I usually tell people that the American Bully is a breed in development that often gets confused for a pit bull.
  10. GME

    GME Little Dog

    I just say it is a different version of the APBT that was bred for different qualities.
  11. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    But it isn't a different version of the APBT, so, what? lol.

    I would let you get off with a different version of a "pit bull", but not APBT, no deal on that one. The only kind of bully I'd almost let you get away with that one are some of the classic bullies (only because many argue the APBT and Amstaff are the same), but otherwise, no dice.

    This is not a different "version" of an APBT. It is a whole other ball game.

    Is Newfoundland a different version of the St. Bernard? They might have some similar relatives somewhere in their blood, but aren't the same breed just a different "version".
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 2, 2010
  12. Pink

    Pink GRCH Dog

    Lol, yep! :)
    Works for me..
  13. bluestark

    bluestark American Bully Moderator

    I agree with CHJ. The American Bully could have come from APBT but to date. They are really no connecting the two, unless papers have names of UKC, ADBA dogs. And that is IF these were actually APBT's. These dogs have evolved so much in such a short period of time they barely even LOOK alike anymore.
  14. phbullies

    phbullies Big Dog

    Took Chief to my sons football game yesterday. Chief is a human vacuum. I think its his personality ;). Any way I found a new and improved way to explain it..."go home and google it!" I tried other ways some will get it some won't I guess. One thing they know is you don't see em like that very often! Chief made me say that.
  15. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

  16. Rainmaker

    Rainmaker Banned

    I always stick to my perception that ambully is just a "type of pitbull" I keep on mentioning that on previous threads time and again.. my knowledge on the breed can't be bend by anyone because that is what I believe. I believe I'm one of the few here.. that fight dogs and at the same time show AmBullies in some bully shows so I look on a different perspective than most here.

    To be honest, I don't trust my gamebreed to other people although I know they are human friendly. I know what they can do and what they can't. I just don't wanna risk it. I only trust my AmBully to people.. I know their temperament and for me.. by saying this AmBully is just a type of pitbull that is friendly and at the sametime more intimidating than the gamelines.. makes me feel that I convince the people that APBT is not a breed to be scared of. Having said that.. I know I promote understanding of APBT rather than fear.
  17. Rogue Bullies

    Rogue Bullies Good Dog

    This is a good explanation, but don't they have other breeds in them besides just AST and APBT like someone else said?
  18. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    Classic Bullies, probably not.

    XL and Pocket Bullies, most definitely.
  19. Miakoda

    Miakoda GRCH Dog

    That's like saying the Yorkie is just a different version of the APBT that was bred for different qualities. Ummmmm...........

    ---------- Post added at 01:36 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:34 PM ----------

    The ADBA knowingly registered Whopper as an APBT despite knowing that he was a bandog. So I think the number of dogs registered as APBTs unknowingly by the registries is astronomical. All one needs is two registration numbers and a lack of morals and wa-la!
  20. phbullies

    phbullies Big Dog

    This is my pocket, and other than a short muzzle and a kinked tail...are you trying to say he's not 100%?! Haha jk!! I have to agree with CHJ that the further you get from the classics the more likely the outside or other breed mixes. Crazy to me how people would intentionally set out to "create" the self proclaimed freaks that are out there! Actually breeding FOR genetic defects is something I'll never understand, even for those prices. I know advertising studs is not allowed, but save your pm's Dash is fixed, you'll have to find another way to "shorten" and toughen up your line!!!

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