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How to make a chain setup

Discussion in 'Products & Equipment' started by Marty, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Marty

    Marty Big Dog

    Here's some how to photos...



    Lap links to put it all together...


    O rings through the collar...


    Axle drove in the ground...


    Watch for wear...


    Hope this helps ;)
  2. screamin'eagle

    screamin'eagle Good Dog

    great advice, and a much needed how to
  3. ad_shannon

    ad_shannon Good Dog

    Oh very very good advice
  4. boscoboy

    boscoboy Little Dog

    Thanks for posting this, 1 question though, how long of a chain would you recommend? Thanks
  5. Marty

    Marty Big Dog

    At least 10' that gives them 20' of space ;)
  6. Pitdisciple

    Pitdisciple Puppy

    I had a friend get his dog cut in the "armpit" with a lap link. It required staples to close. I have always used cold shut connecters.[​IMG]
  7. Marty

    Marty Big Dog

    I always close mine with visegrips and hit them with a hammer on the edges while holding the closed with the visegrips to set them closed... never had a problem ;)
  8. bahamutt99

    bahamutt99 Stealth ninja

    Marty, what weight/grade/whatever of chain are you using? I know some folks like to go overboard with heavy chain, while others trust those Wal-Mart paper clip-lookin' dog chains.
  9. Marty

    Marty Big Dog

    This is what I'm using...

    A grade 70, 1\4" chain has a working load limit of 3,150lbs and weighs 0.67lbs per foot. A ten foot chain would weigh 6.7lbs.
  10. Ares

    Ares Puppy

    marty on the grade 70 will it not rust during rain? cause the chain im using built up rust on it.
  11. Marty

    Marty Big Dog

    I'm sure it would but as soon as the dogs runs the chain along the ground the rust is gone ;)

    I don't have trouble with rust as my dogs are pretty active on the chain.
  12. mikefromMD

    mikefromMD Big Dog

    Great thread, thanks!
  13. Bohawg

    Bohawg Puppy

    Moss doesn't grow on a rolling stone!
  14. dannyangulo

    dannyangulo Puppy

    for a 6 month old puppy around 40 pounds what would you recommend?
  15. Marty

    Marty Big Dog

    An 1/8' chain ;)
  16. RuffMuttK9z

    RuffMuttK9z Little Dog

    I think he means 1/8"...not 1/8ft...haha!
  17. D-Posit

    D-Posit Puppy

    I found that putting a door spring at the end of the chain keeps my dogs from breaking the chain.
  18. Zoe

    Zoe GRCH Dog

    I got a tie up with a spring on it years ago at the pet store that was supposed to be heavy duty and the first time I put Tank on it, he popped it like thread. :eek: TOTALLY useless for Tank. I'm glad I was right there and it was in a fully fenced yard. :rolleyes:
  19. Marty

    Marty Big Dog

    Yeah sorry about that :(
  20. dannyangulo

    dannyangulo Puppy

    so I just need 2 laplinks and O rings and a chain and the axel of course?

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