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How much does your 4 to 6 month puppy weigh?

Discussion in 'Pit Bull Puppy Discussions' started by roo'smom, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. fram773

    fram773 Puppy

    20lb at 6 months. She's a Staffy though. Super tiny just really heavy.
  2. Steven402

    Steven402 Puppy

    My pup weighted 44 lbs just yesterday and he is 5.5 months old
  3. Lyoness

    Lyoness Puppy

    Lucille at 6 months weighed 42lbs, at 9 months she weighs 55lbs. She's a mix between two bully breeds though. American Staff Terrier and staff bull terrier
  4. Buddy's Master

    Buddy's Master Little Dog

    Buddy now weighs 40lbs at 5 months (about 18" in height),
    He was 31lbs @ 4 months,
    and 22lbs @ 3 months. Didn't weight him @ 2.

    The vet estimates an adult weight of about 58lbs, I just hope he won't go beyond 60lbs. I would like to take him for agility training.
  5. KyleWanderer

    KyleWanderer Puppy

    Mine is 15 weeks today and 25.6 lbs.
  6. Cosmic Charlie

    Cosmic Charlie Good Dog

    Shaka weighed around 30 lbs at 6 months and she is now 8 months and 33 lbs. Molly was around 38 lbs at 6 months and is 45 lbs at 1.5 years old.
  7. ACJ49

    ACJ49 Puppy

    Chucky is 55lbs and he just turned 6 months.
  8. Buttons is about 8 months old and about 60-70lbs.
  9. Tiffany3483

    Tiffany3483 Good Dog

    Mira is around 5 month and weighed 38lbs at the vet.
  10. Hchippie

    Hchippie Puppy

    Maya was 40 lbs at her 17 weeks vet appointment! Looks like she is gonna be a big girl
  11. Buddy's Master

    Buddy's Master Little Dog

    Buddy just turned 6 months yesterday and he weighs in at 48 lbs (21.8kg). He is still looking lean and athletic, quite hyperactive, measures at just over 18.5" in height.
  12. AJT

    AJT Puppy

    Tucker is 5 months and 2 weeks and weighs about 36lbs
  13. f8c3themusic

    f8c3themusic Puppy

    Wow, after reading all of the comments I guess my APBT is fat lol. He's 50lbs and almost 7 months old. He doesn't look beefy like a Bully but he definitely eats good!
  14. fist9x

    fist9x Little Dog

    Mine is almost 5 months and already weights 37 lbs. Your pup is heavy!
  15. Abby&Fiona

    Abby&Fiona Little Dog

    At roughly 16-18 weeks Fiona was about 35# and t about 1.5 yrs last summer she was 25.5" and moved between 78-85#. Now I try to keep her under 80#. So the half at 4 months was close for her.

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  16. Buddy's Master

    Buddy's Master Little Dog

    Measured just yesterday at exactly 7 months, he is now tipping the scales at 55lbs... that's heavy... yet still looking lean.
  17. usdm419

    usdm419 Puppy

    Kaya just turned 6 months old Saturday. She weighed in at 54lbs.

  18. Drateibmoz

    Drateibmoz Little Dog

    Eva weighs 36 pounds and will be five months old on Wednesday.
  19. timsm80

    timsm80 Little Dog

    Yep Titus's growth was right in line with your pups almost to the pound at 9 1/2 months i had him weighed at the vet and he was 67.8 and now id say he's 70-72,and 25in
    Last edited by a moderator: May 14, 2013
  20. ohmercy

    ohmercy Puppy

    When Mercy was just hitting 4 months she was 29.20 pounds on the vet scale. She goes back to the vet next wed. and I feel she gained a few more pounds. I don't want her to big though, I would like her to be agile and athletic

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