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How much does your 4 to 6 month puppy weigh?

Discussion in 'Pit Bull Puppy Discussions' started by roo'smom, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. So.....due to web design and someone's choice of wording....the dog doesn't weigh 150? I understand that it's hard to tell w just pictures. But a YouTube link is provided for you to view the dog in action.

    Again....it makes no difference to me whether you believe the dog's weight or not. At this point I'm just trying to understand the logic behind your disbelief. Maybe I should've just not provided the info that I did initially. I have nothing to gain by lying.
  2. My dog is a puppy from Bus and Maggie. I'm almost certain Bus's pedigree is provided on the website that I provided the link for. If you would like, when I get home, I can provide a snapshot of my dog's (Barrett) ABDA certificate. I haven't sent it off yet because I've been busy. But it does have Bus and Maggie's name on it.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 17, 2012
  3. Kamdon

    Kamdon GRCH Dog

    So you don't have one?

    I've seen Buses ped before. I've even met the dog and owner at a Abkc show here. I was just wondering if YOU had a pedigree on the pup
  4. Kamdon

    Kamdon GRCH Dog

    I hope your pup doesn't end up with the same breathing problems that Bus has. You do know he has had a tracheotomy before right?
  5. baseballer

    baseballer Puppy

    Just took Lucy to the vet last night, at 5 months she's 30 lbs.
  6. I hope not either. I can tell you that Barrett snores like no other. As far as the pedigree goes, I don't have it yet. Been busy. But I am debating on whether I want to pay $65 to see 7 generations or $45 to see 4. And I was aware of Bus's procedure. From what I understand, he is a champion weight puller. I often wonder if his disorder was a direct result of his competing. I won't be using Barrett for anything other than companionship and home protection. I just wanted a beast of a APBT, and I got one.

    When I mail off my registration and receive back my pedigree, I will be happy to post it for you guys. Until then, I look forward to seeing more awesome pics of your dogs and being part of a community that fully understands this breed.
  7. BronsonBear

    BronsonBear Little Dog

    The logic behind my disbelief is it is VERY common for owners to over exaggerate their dogs weight. Especially owners trying to brag about how large their dog is.
    I see this EVERY day.
    And I work with dogs and just had a Newfoundland in the other day that weights 180lbs and is 5 times the size of that dog.
  8. skmutt

    skmutt Banned

    If your dog is 35 pounds at 13 weeks it is NOT an APBT. My girl is 38 pounds and she is 13 MONTHS!
  9. Beki

    Beki Good Dog Premium Member

    Faith was 15lbs at 12 weeks. Now, at approx a year she hovers around 40.
  10. It's cuz yours is a girl and mines not. And it IS an APBT and it comes from a well known bloodline. Anybody else drinking HATERade? Step right up. Man!!!....the disbelief here is cracking me up. I almost can't wait to get home and provide a snapshot of Barrett's certificate from the ABDA. The question is: Will they still be in disbelief? My thoughts: Probably so. Haters will always be haters.
  11. skmutt

    skmutt Banned

    Such a thing as paper hanging. I'd question the reliability of an organization that registers dogs that are obviously not APBT's. Thankfully mines not papered and I don't have to wonder :confused:.... she's a "mutt" by this (or any) registrations standards. Yours also appears to be a mutt... a registered one.
    Its not that I'm hating it's more that I'm questioning more and more the point of a registration when it seems any dog can be a "pit bull".
  12. [​IMG] <<<For all non believers. I weight 228 and with Barrett in my arms, I weigh 260. That's 32 lbs. Yesterday he weighed 35. Of course there will be fluctuation just like anything.....due to water weight and poop weight.
    Champ_theRedPitBull likes this.
  13. [​IMG] <<<Thats Barrett next to our Teacup poodle. She needs a trim badly. This was taken 3 days ago. Looks like a APBT to me!
  14. skmutt

    skmutt Banned

    I'm not arguing semantics. I don't think that a true Apbt is 150 pounds or 35 pounds at 13 weeks.
  15. skmutt

    skmutt Banned

    He is a cutie though!
  16. ssmiechowski

    ssmiechowski Big Dog

    No, someone's choice of wording makes me skeptical of them. I see this all the time, I'm a law student and just maybe I might have learned by now when people are trying to be deceptive. Or maybe I'm wrong and they hired someone who writes convoluted and deceptive descriptions on webpages, idk either way. And yes I am skeptical, until I hear another members opinion on the matter. I am in no way an expert in all thing APBT and the like, and I don't claim to be. However I know that APBTs are not good guard dogs, if that's what you were looking for. But I will leave you with this, enjoy your pup. He looks super cute :)

    skmutt, duh! Your dog is a girl and deliverance's is a boy so there will be a 50 pound weight difference. You must not know anything about dogs, seriously. :lol:
  17. ssmiechowski

    ssmiechowski Big Dog

    Really? I'm assuming Faith is the one in your avatar? Just from the picture, I would have guessed 60lbs, but then again it isn't a great "weight guessing" picture. Shows how good I am at guessing weight from pictures lol
  18. Beki

    Beki Good Dog Premium Member

    Yes, Faith is the one in my Avitar. I also think it's hard guess how big or small a dog is when there is no other reference in the picture.
  19. Kamdon

    Kamdon GRCH Dog

    I agree that pictures do no dog justice in the weight category. Krayon doesn't look like a 60# dog in most pictures. But in others it is obvious. For example......

    Not so much.....

    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 17, 2012
  20. As far as a pup goes, I think the rule of thumb is the size of the paws. Barrett's paws are almost the size of my fists in terms of width. Of course depth would be a different story. I'm 6'5 and 228 lbs (currently), so my fists aren't exactly small. Paw size is a good indication of how big the dog will be.

    Good lookin dog Kam ;)

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