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How long to train daily for weight pull?

Discussion in 'Obedience & Sports' started by kayla baxter, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. kayla baxter

    kayla baxter Big Dog

    For all of you with dogs who pull, how long to do train for? I want him to get the most out of training, but I don't want to over do it. We haven't been training long and I'm increasing the weight slowly, so he's only dragging a 15" tire, which is about 20lbs with chain. He's a 135lb dane, so it's not a lot of weight for him. Right now I have him dragging it down to the end of the street and back which is about 1/2 mile and then up the driveway a few times that's about 100 feet up a good hill. He's panting pretty good after that but has no problem working. Does that sound like a good amount per session? I'm doing this every second day right now. I walk him 2.5-3 miles daily and he doesn't pant at all, so I know the pulling is a good workout.
  2. Tiffseagles

    Tiffseagles GRCH Dog Premium Member

    I feel bad that you haven't gotten any responses, so I will chime in even though you should really be hearing from someone more experienced.

    The first thing is that I read somewhere that you should not practice on pavement/sidewalks as it is not good for the dog. I drag the weight over to a nearby field and have my dog pull there. Can someone give their opinion?

    I do a one day on, one day off schedule (weather/schedule permitting). We do light weight, day off, heavy weight, day off, light weight, day off, heavy weight, etc.

    Light days consist of 20# for 1 mile (we are working up to 35#). Once I get my weights, heavy days will consist of up to 600 pounds stop-and-go for short distances (right now I only have about 150 pounds worth of weight). My dog is 70#.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 28, 2012
  3. Leslie H

    Leslie H Good Dog

    In the beginning, you are training your dog with light weight, as you are training the behavior, as opposed to actually working the dog physically. Once the dog understands the expectations, you start very gradually increasing the weight. While the weight is light, you can work the dog daily. These sessions last about 20 minutes, even less to start, because you want it to be fun. In general, you want to stop any training activity before the dog wants to stop, leave her wanting more. I train with chain on grass, it pulls nice and evenly. Or on a rail track.
    Once you are working the dog more rigorously, the session may be longer, because the dog may need breaks. I usually worked Soleil every three days (1 on, 2 off), because I was pushing her hard.
  4. rob h

    rob h Little Dog

    kayla where are you from

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