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How do you NOT have a million dogs?


Big Dog
Sometimes I think that if I were single, and had no one to hold me back, I would have at least 12 dogs by now.

Went to get Meesha some food at a pet store and there was a border collie/ sheltie(maybe) looking cross. Pitch black. I love black dogs. And DH and I have always wanted a potential disc dog. I wanted him very badly.

I saw a crosspost from a rescue in alabama for a blue brindle in a shelter that looked JUST like Baloo.

There's a greyhound rescue here and everytime I see someone walking a greyhound I decide I should go visit that rescue.

I often frequent an Aussie rescue website that currently has a stinking adorable 6yr old boy.

But I feel like the main thing holding me back is that the next dog is my choice and I REALLY want a SBT and I can't waste my pick on anything else...:lol:

There are just so many dogs in the world! What keeps you from having one of everything??


Big Dog
There are just so many breeds of dog I'd like to live with at some point. But say I only ever wanted 1 dog at a time. Meesha is only 2 right now, so she's still hopefully got at least 10 more years in her. Then I'm 32. and we can assume an average lifespan of 15 years (optimistic I know). That's only 4 more dogs for a 92 year life.

Have you ever thought about that??

And if you decide to have 2 dogs at a time that's only 8 dogs.

Then you have to plan when to have the dogs that are high energy or the ones that are better with kids.

Am I crazy? Why is life so short??

I've been a little philosophical lately.


Good Dog
I couldn't handle it, I could afford another dog, even another two but first, mum doesn't want more dogs here and honestly, I couldn't handle having to work/pay equal attention to all my dogs. I already hate having two dogs as it is. I bond to one dog tightly and that's the dog I want to focus on so it's not fair to have more the one. God, I want other dogs so much , I want another herding breed, I want a SBT but I probably won't own another until Serenity dies or when Sunny passes, if I think I can handle another dog. God, I could of had three dogs right now but I passed up my dream dog because I know my limits.

I hate owning two dogs as it is. So many great dogs out there though.


Big Dog
Quite frankly it is a lot of work. I wouldn't have it any other way but yeah. Right now, we're working towards spacing out the ages of our dogs while still having sport dogs. Otherwise, you lose dogs really close together and that's incredibly hard (and expensive at times).

Medical Expenses. This year we've had an overnight hospitalization on the old lady that included x-ray and ultrasound, a partial tail amputation on the younger pit bull, starting in August 2012 we've been dealing with sterile meningitis with our terrier (diagnosis on that was about $6,000 including an MRI and a spinal tap) and that requires regular meds and blood draws to check on his kidney and liver function. While the 2 big dogs that do sports are generally healthy, they both go to the dog chiropractor.

Time. The old lady goes to work with my wife everyday. The younger pit bull just likes to go dock diving, do some trick training and lay in the sunshine. But our three active sport dogs are in classes, require physical exercise and training. If we're gone at agility all day with 2? We still come home to dogs that need attention and exercise.

and really, if we weren't both totally into this lifestyle? It wouldn't work. Total team effort.

ETA: my dogs are 10, 7, 6, 5 and 3. Next puppy will be born in about 6 months. Then we'd like to move to a 4-5 year between dog plan.
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Well, I like having several dogs... If I didn't have all of the other 'misc' pets I have, I may well have another dog, but probably not because of the current ones. When I lost my old lady a few years back, that left me with two dogs, and that's the lowest number I've ever lived with. Jaeger is a troubled dog, otherwise I know I'd have another dog by now. He takes up enough time for three normal dogs. Also, I don't want another small dog, I do like small dogs for many reasons - but I don't for many more. And I do not want another large dog while my small dog is still alive, Jaeger terrorizes her enough when he bolts by her and almost bowls her over. And I will not bring home another bitch while she's alive, she's 12 and deserves some peace. But I don't want to get a male because of J and his cocky male attitude about things. Not while I live here in the city where I cannot even legally tie a dog up.

Now, if I move as planned in the near future (HOPEFULLY) to somewhere with some space, and privacy, and room to have animals and treat them like animals, I might end up with a couple more. My whole family is pretty close, we live very close to each other, my brother and I rent a home together that is family owned already. We would likely move to one property together.

If we do move to some farmland.. Well I know my brother is dying for a pug. We found a pug and he called it Frank, and we all loved him and his squishy head a few months back, and then we found his owners (foster home, actually) who said his name really was Frank. :lol: Since then he's been really wanting his own dog but I won't let him bring one home. Because I'm a bitch with a mean dog.

My parents want a Pit Bull, or American Bully(I'm thinking Bully). As does my niece who lives with them. The problem with that is they have my dogs at their house every day while I work. And of course they love the dogs and don't want them locked up all day either.

If we had land and it was legal to securely contain dogs, rotating and responsibly handling several more wouldn't be an issue. I miss having a pack of dogs.
This damn city and it's crazy laws and the lack of room are two big reasons. If I didn't live here Roxy wouldn't be dead because I would have kept her for sure. She was a great dog.

That was more of a rant than anything.
Boy I hate the city.


Good Dog
I will probably get a third in about a year or two...but probably no more until I retire...lol if I didn't work I would probably have more than 2..or once my oldest moves out I can free his room for a dog room..:-)


Good Dog
I am a one dog person. I prefer and thoroughly enjoy the bond and relationship + time and management that comes with it by miles.


Premium Member
Right now I know I'm not financially secure enough for a dog of my own.

I'm not sure what my limit will be in the future. i used to think 6. Now I'm thinking 4 or 5 depending on how close in age they are to one another. If a few are old at the same time, I'll likely be able to have more because I'm pretty sure my limiting factor is going to be time.
I have nobody to hold me back, so I have 5 dogs hahahahah. But the only reason I kept the puppy (given to me by Cujo's breeder) is because my senior dog has serious health problems and is on his way out, so I'll be back down to 4. Around 4 or 5 is my limit as far as what I have the money and time for.


Good Dog
Probably because most people aren't crazy hoarders and know their limits. Currently we have 3 dogs, 2 ferrets, 2 snakes, 1 cat, 1 iguana, 5 fish tanks salt and freshwater and a shit ton of feeder mice. No kids, no plans for them and I work part time. It's a lot of work, a lot of expense. I think like many said it's just getting into a routine, I never thought we could handle 3 dogs, now I am debated fostering again. Having a good spread of ages is a good idea imo, my dogs are 8, 6 and 3. My cat is older and once my last couple ferrets and her are gone I will not likely get smaller critters again but I may add a couple snakes.

I have really thought about the whole # of dogs you could possibly have, there are a few other bully breeds I like, bull terriers and sbt, I like rotts, sighthounds, but there's a never ending supply of bully looking shelter dogs that are adorable as well.


Good Dog
It's hard. If I had unlimited resources and didn't have to work, I'd have more. But work and resources keep us at two.


I'm a one dog person. I don't bond well with multiples.
My next dog will be a: JRT or a medium sizes mutt.