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How do I train a dog to be a show dog

Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by 619loc, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. 619loc

    619loc Puppy

    I want to know how to train a dog to be a show dog. I know how to teach the basics like sit, stay, or pull. But i am having trouble teaching my dogs how to pose and stay. if anyone has any tips please help
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 7, 2009
  2. Teal

    Teal Krypto Super Dog Premium Member

    You do NOT want a show dog sitting down in the ring, and show dogs shouldn't pull either.

    To teach her to hand stack, kneel next to her and let her nibble on a hunk of cheese while you slowly place her feet where you want them. If she allows her feet to be placed, praise and give a hunk of cheese. For free stacking, stand infront of her and slowly walk backwards until she places her feet correctly, then praise her. Depending on how big she is, you can make/get stacking blocks too... where you place their feet on blocks so they have to stand correctly. A well built dog should naturally free stack, making it a lot easier!
  3. CLMR

    CLMR Little Dog

    Great reply Teal. Before I started showing, I went to a show and observed all stages of the show. I talked to as many handlers as I could, especially the ones that placed, and I talked to the judge too. I'm sure that you'll find that it's really fun for you and your hound. Good luck...
  4. DGP

    DGP Banned

    Why shouldn't a show dog pull???? Damn so i gotta seperate my pull dogs from show dogs???
  5. spliff

    spliff Little Dog

    no alot of show dogs also pull.
  6. dreameyce

    dreameyce Little Dog

    I don't weightpull, but I do multiple sports with my dogs by "collar training" them. I think Teal was saying show dogs shouldn't pull on leash. Also, there's MANY dogs who do obedience, and showing, top dogs in both- the dog just needs to be trained to know when to stand, and when to do automatic sits.

    I have a key word for each 'task'. For obedience, I use their normal collar and say "Lets work", and for showing they have show collars (which are placed differently), I say "Lets go", so "work" means some form of obedience, while "go" means time to be showy. Traum who has shown in conformation, rally, and we do tracking knows the difference between each, and DOES pull while in his tracking harness, which is "Lets find". When his therapy dog harness goes on, he's a differnt dog again.

    Galaxy is my "stupid puppy", but even she gets work vs conformation showing, and has shown in conformation, and does multiple class types. The handling and obedience classes we do are the same night, in the same building even, and she knows the difference based on the apparel she wears. When Galaxy is playing off lead I can say "go", and she'll gait. Helpful with picture taking!

    A lot of people collar train their dogs, making it clear there is their working collar, everyday collar, and so on and so forth. If you work on setting the mood with assorted accessories, you can easily have an all around dog, by teaching them that there's tools for every trade :) The opinion that dogs can't do multiple tasks is unfounded, and many dogs are successful in many sports at once.
  7. dreameyce

    dreameyce Little Dog

    Oh and on bait, I don't usually bait with cheese because it gives one of my dogs major runs. I personally prefer to use hotdog or liver, and just give them a TEENY taste of it. I tend to cut each hotdog in 1/4's for 'tubes', then those in 1/2. You can do the same thing with string, and other cheeses too, but they are greasier than hotdogs. I like long, skinny bait.

    I personally like hotdogs, because I can hold the 'tube' in my hand, and easily 'scrape' it along the top insisers to give a teeny treat. My dogs find hotdogs to be VERY 'high value', so I can pretty much just let them lick it and they are happy! LOL

    I literally only give a TEENY taste when baiting, and working with food. I hold the bait in my hand, under my thumb, and resting on the side of my index finger knuckle. When I give them some, I slide my thumb back a little, and scrape some into their mouth using my index knuckle as the 'cutting board'.
  8. shadowwolf

    shadowwolf Good Dog

    Depends on which avenue you're showing in. If it's AADR/ADBA, no bait is allowed from what I've been told (I'm still relatively new to that area). Dogs are encouraged to stack themselves naturally without hand stacking. They also use strictly buckle collars and 4' sturdy leashes and do allow the dogs to...feel their oats a bit.

    UKC/AKC tend to hand stack. It's a useful trick to know when teaching a puppy to stack, though. My male will stack himself now after working with him for quite a long while, but I'll occasionally fix a foot if he's being lazy or something. It's more ritualized and, for some dogs, not as much fun.

    I would suggest also taking handling classes - especially if you intend to show AKC/UKC with your dog. That way you've also got a professional who can tell you where you need improvement in your handling skills to better showcase your dog as top dog for a show.

    Collar training is absolutely wonderful in many cases, but it can suck in others. I personally like it and my dogs know that they're going to do something based on what they're wearing, so most of the time I just have to pull it out and they know what's next.
  9. 619loc

    619loc Puppy

    thanks teal im gonna try it see if it works
  10. The Diesel

    The Diesel Big Dog

    Would all of this apply to showing in a fun class? Does the dog still have to stack? I was thinking about showing in a fun class in march but if he has to stack with other dogs around i dunno if its gonna work lol.
  11. Julie k

    Julie k Little Dog

    Hi Diesel,
    Some training beforehand would help--- we've had this conversation before, but I will again invite you out to class for some help.
    Would love to see you,
    Julie K
  12. BrazilianPitbulls

    BrazilianPitbulls Little Dog

    One great thing to start with is and its simple...Feed your dog on something high so he gets used to keeping his head high, that also works the muscles he needs to work in being stack...The longer your dog can stay still stacked the greater chances of he being picked because the judge will see the dog's conformation better. Another lil trick do not use treats for anything but when stacking. Any thing else you are always welcome to send me a private message!
  13. bahamutt99

    bahamutt99 Stealth ninja

  14. Digital

    Digital Little Dog

    Very good thread and thanks for the link, i am also showing my pup for the first time in 5 weeks time and am very nervous, so far at 4 months he is comfortable on a lead, very well socialized (he attends pit demo training every week sionce he was 7 weeks old) and can sit stay and come lol

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