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How do I find the right breeder?

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by Simba&me, Feb 12, 2012.

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  1. Simba&me

    Simba&me Puppy

    I didn't come in here looking to breed my male dog. I wanted a little companion for him and it turned into let's gang up on the new guy that want to breed his dog. if they breed they breed. But the point is not "going into it for all the wrong reason's".. Just because some have an unbalanced dog doesn't mean everybody will have the same fate. I've owned a few pits and im not all that new to this. I understand the health issues and the temperament issues, but every dog isn't cut from the same cookie cutter.
  2. JoeBingo

    JoeBingo Banned

    Dog Aggression (DA) is NORMAL in these dogs. Doesn't mean the dog is unbalanced LMAO
    You strike me as kinda young ... what happened to all those "pits" you owned. Old age ??
  3. ConMan

    ConMan <b><font color="green">Premium Member aka king_leo

    You owning a few pits is much different than being a breeder or capable of being one.

    "if they breed they breed" ...seriously? no it's more like "i want them to breed" you specifically said you did NOT want a spayed dog and were pretty straight foreward that you would want to breed them.

    I don't think you understand anything honestly.
  4. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    Dog aggression has nothing to do with the stability of your dog but everything to do with the genetic traits of a bulldog. If you're too naive to see that, that's your own fault. The point that was initially trying to be made is that you don't get another dog to be a companion to your first dog. You get it to be a companion to you. Reason being that BECAUSE these dogs are prone to dog/animal aggression, they might not get along later in life. If you got the dog for yourself and not another dog then the situation wouldn't matter because the dogs are there for you, not each other. If you get a 2nd dog for your other dog and they end up trying to kill each other in a year or 2, what's your plan of action then??
  5. Simba&me

    Simba&me Puppy

    Dude, when you get a real pit I'll consider looking at your posts. until then I'll just ignore you. Like I said, I didn't go into it wanting to breed them.. you all made it into a breeding thread. As my dogs owner i decide what the hell i wanna do with him or if they breed or not. Eventually I will breed them. But again that's my business. and when the right time comes I'll go through all necessary steps to make it a healthy and safe process for my dogs with my vet, not a bunch of wanna be experts... Have a good night. I;ll leave you all while i research the breed Im looking for. Not much help here... Thanks for nothing..
  6. destinoscelgo

    destinoscelgo Good Dog

    While you research the dog you are looking for, I hope you are prepared to find some things that may not suit your needs.
    Also, for the record, you don't have "real pits" either. What you have are Ambullys, which are commonly mistaken for the American Pit Bull Terrier.

    My advice is if you want to breed dogs, do so responsibly because otherwise you are not doing the breed any favors and you are nothing but a dog peddler. Again, that is your decision, and your weight and guilt to bear.
  7. LovePup

    LovePup Good Dog

    KL's dog IS An American Pit bull Terrier 0o; I can't believe you just said that.

    You don't even know what a real pit bull looks or acts like. You are going to have serious problems later. I feel sorry for your dogs.
  8. BarbaraClark

    BarbaraClark NuckingFuts

    Holy fucking shit balls Satan,

    Did I really sound like this? Makes me want to go back in time and punch myself in the teeth.

    Okay okay, in all seriousness, Simba&Me...

    There are millions of dogs euthanized in shelters of every year because of people who breed their pets. If you care at all about animals, why would you want to contribute to this problem? For every pet you breed, you kill a dog in a shelter. There is only one reason anyone should breed: to better the breed itself. Since the American pit bull terrier is a working breed, an APBT must excel in athletics to be worth breeding and contributing to the improvement of the breed...understand? Breeding PETS is fucked up and wrong. That's what your dogs are right now...pets. You should not breed them.

    An APBT that shows dog aggression is not an "unstable" dog. For example, collies were created to herd, retrievers were created to retrieve and so on...well pit bulls were created to fight other dogs. A pit bull has the will to fight another dog is a pit bull being a pit bull, not a pit bull being unstable. If one day your dog Simba decides he (or she?) doesn't like another dog, and decides to rip its throat out, it will be YOUR fault for not taking cautionary methods against this situation. You must ALWAYS be prepared for this...or else you'll just be another idiot on the news saying "I never thought my sweet baby would do such a thing" while your dog is carted off to be destroyed and the pit bull gets yet ANOTHER mark against its name because of an irresponsible owner.

    If you came here to learn, fine, but don't come on here preaching about breeding your pet dog. Breeding pets is something that EVERYONE on this forum against and ANYONE with a proper education will appose. It's wrong and contributes to the death of millions of animals a year. Please do not breed your pets. Get your male fixed, and get a spayed female. Why do you need to breed them to be happy? Enjoy what you have and love them and if you rescue a dog from a shelter, enjoy the fact that you rescued a dog that ended up in a shelter because somebody bred their pets...exactly what you are wanting to do.

    Also, the dogs you posted are pictures of AmBullies, NOT APBTs, so please stick around and learn something. When someone on a forum designated towards the education of this breed tells you something, it's best not to respond with a smart ass remark...so don't be surprised that you got your head bit off. You came here for what exactly? Cheers and congratulations on a stupid plan? Not Gunna happen. Stick around, I sounded exactly like you when I joined this forum. Wanted to breed the female you see in my avatar there...well now she's 8 months old and spayed and I couldn't have made a better decision for my dog, or the breed.

    Have fun.

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    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 2, 2012
  9. DancesWithCurs

    DancesWithCurs Good Dog

    Because with everything you say you keep proving how not a good idea both getting "a little companion" and breeding your dog are.

    That's exactly it. "If they breed they breed' is already an extremely irresponsible mindset that's already proven to be the downfall of thousands of dogs
    Do you think a Lab bringing things back to you makes the dog unbalanced? How about a Border Collie that wants to herd things? So why on earth would a breed of dog breed to combat other dogs acting like it was meant to combat other dogs be unstable? That makes no sense.

    Then why can you not grasp why this is a horrible idea?
    Would you health test your dog? Does your dog have a pedigree? Do you plan to show? Or do you just plan to stick a penis and a vagina together like every other peddler out there? How do you honestly think that's doing any service to the dogs or the breed as a whole?

    No one is going to asspat you for being purposely ignorant and anyone that will is a discredit to the breeds. Aren't you in the military? If you are then you know better. Stop acting like a big baby throwing tantrums because the people here gave a shit enough about you and your dogs and told you the truth instead of setting you and your dog up to fail.

    Your vet isn't going to tell you about true health issues or ask that you get your dog actual health tests or talk to you about proving your dogs, just give your dogs a bullshit checkup.

    My best advice is to find an ethical breeder near you for both of the things you are looking for. Someone who at least shows their dogs, which are easily found at shows. You'll find no shortage of helpful and friendly people at shows willing to point you in the right direction but you'll find a lot of peddlers too. It's up to you to check out their dogs and find out which
  10. kady05

    kady05 Krypto Super Dog

    Oh my.. how did I know this thread would turn into this? Why can't people just be happy with the dogs they get, without wanting to "breed two beautiful dogs"? How many gorgeous dogs have I seen die in shelters because their owners thought the same exact thing? A shitload.

    Leave breeding to professionals with health tested, titled dogs.
  11. emilie

    emilie Little Dog

    Omfg! These threads make my blood boil so bad Grrrr. If you didint want to get bashed on you should of read all the other threads about breeding pet quality, not that spectacular dog. It's a forum people are allowed to openly comment on what you post, if you don't like it then don't post. Especially about something like breeding.

    And likeoothers have already said dog agression is not a sign of an imbalenced dog at all it's a perfectly normal trait in this breed. If you want to get another dog get it for your self not for your dog as one day she might become DA. Be prepared to crate and rotate if they don't get along and please spay and neuter! Plus it's not if they breed they breed because they are dogs they WILL breed. If I was a reputable breeder and I knew your intentions I would not sell you one of my dogs that's for sure. Please take what people have said into considuration, there's a reason why we are all telling you the same thing.

    Dont get mad take what we say and look at the reasons behind what we say. Your not the first one to think this way, I'm sure many came here thinking like you and are now alot more responsible and knowledgeable about this breed.
  12. whit8908

    whit8908 Little Dog

    this breed does perfectly fine without a dog companion. I'm by no means an expert but to me your dog is more mix with some Am Bully. To my knowledge, his lips and ears are too big do not go with the pit bull breed standard, so maybe thats why he enjoys a companion more, because he less pit than anything else. That being said if wanting to get him a friend is what you are going to do, look into a different breed that enjoys a dog friend and not known to be DA maybe? Although nothing wrong with getting a APBT, or Am Bully in this case because the pic you posted was just that, then you should be getting it for yourself not the dog. This breed can do fine as puppies as friend but hit maturity and become DA. Always expect a fight. Be prepared to crate and rotate if it doesnt work out. Its all in the genetics and just because Symba is wonderful with other dogs, new dog may be the complete opposite and not get along.
  13. GoingPostal

    GoingPostal Good Dog

    Hilarity all around, you think your 4 month old puppy needs a companion because he "loves" other dogs. And what happens when your two dogs start getting in nasty fights because it surely doesn't sound like you have a clue on the breed or how to handle them. Then you barely know what you have, or what you want for a second dog, but you're going to breed them? Go ahead and get some mutt off craigslist because you aren't going to find some magical beefy blue breed tall APBT or whatever you think you like and no one with good dogs is going to sell you one for a doggy friend and breeding partner. You'll get ripped off on some byb dog and then you can continue the cycle with your mutts, won't that be nice. Do your local shelter a favor and dump those puppies you can't sell straight in a bucket so they don't have to.
  14. Tanktastic

    Tanktastic Big Dog

    A serious question to ask yourself(this is assuming you have two papered, proven dogs)- Are you willing to cull pups that do not conform to the standard to make sure those genetic defaults do not go to another generation? Though today a dog may be culled from the stock by spay/neuter. If your dog/dogs develop skin issues (allergies) will you still be willing to breed them and pass that on to the pups? In all honesty, GoingPostal stated it very well with his last sentence. Will you be ok with bringing pups into the world knowing that most, if not all, will end up in a shelter and die before they reach the age of 5?
  15. Ligyron

    Ligyron Puppy

    Haven't been to this, or any other PB site for awhile. I'm glad I came here and picked this thread to read right off. It's kind of an overall synopsis of the progression of my, and probably a few others thinking and ongoing education when it came to these animals.

    Looks or function? AmStaff, Bully breeds or bulldog.

    For me was Bulldog. Which is why I don't have any. Couldn't even come close to the appropriate genetic material, so I simply admire from afar.

    Better that then culls or encouraging the aforementioned beauty contest and other problems.

    Every decision when aquiring a dog is a vote for something. Without access to the right candidate, it's really better not to vote at all.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 13, 2012
  16. monkeys23

    monkeys23 GRCH Dog

    Ignoring the breeding debacle (which please pull your head out and freaking neuter your dog and adopt an already altered female if you must have another...), getting a second dog specifically to be a companion for the first is hands down the WORST idea possible for ANY BREED OF DOG. Any dogs acquired should be for the owner/handler NOT the other dogs. Most dogs would prefer to keep their human for themselves and even Am Bully's like the mutt you've got are prone to DA... because that is what bully breeds were specifically bred for. I wouldn't expect my husky not to run, I don't understand why the f people can't understand that bully breeds don't need canine companions.

    Are you prepared to crate and rotate if need be? You dog could mature into wanting to kill all other dogs.... how he is now as a puppy may not be anything like what he is like as an adult...

    Also, he's four months old. You have SO freaking much training, socialization, etc. to do with this dog and that is doubled by adding a second. My advice, if you want another dog FOR YOU, then wait until Simba is 2 or 3 and mature/well trained... and then go adopt a nice spayed girl from the shelter.

    I have a third hand dog that was owned by someone who thought they needed to buy her a companion. She's mostly GSD with a little Sibe in there, so not a bully breed. This lady had no clue about typical behavior for GSD pups and though the typical landsharky behavior was seperation anxiety. So she bought another dog and spent thousands dumping them in daycare every day together. Thanks to that well meaning, but very ignorant decision I have a dog thats got terrible dog on dog communication (dumping untrained, badly socialized dogs together is a horrid idea), has a freaky co-dependancy/severe insecurity with other dogs, and thirdly was so badly raised (by someone very kind and well meaning no less!!!) that she'll probably be a project dog her whole life. I would very strongly suggest against the average pet owner getting mutiple dogs while they have one young puppy who needs a lot of focus, usually it ends up in mutiple problem dogs that often get dumped at the shelter, in rescue, etc. Wait until Simba is grown if you must! However given you reasons for getting a second, it would best if you abstained completely and just stuck to having one dog at a time.

    The breed name is German SHEPHERD Dog. :)
    Aloof is normal yes, but you could not pay me to own an unstable man biter. Any reputable GSD person will you the same answer. Are there very civil dogs from certain lines that require an exceptional owner/handler? Yes there are and pet owners should stay far far away, but the sort of thing you are talking about is just as bad as APBT's that do not fit the breed temperament. Hard to have a good working dog if you can't trust it not to munch everyone. Just sayin! :rolleyes:
  17. ConMan

    ConMan <b><font color="green">Premium Member aka king_leo

    Haha yeah I saw that while I was typing it said that it was incorrect but I didn't have the motivation to go and fix all my errors at midnight lol. :P I didn't say they were man eaters but let me rephrase... "a certain degree of HA when it comes to protection." is that better? A guardian dog guards and you can and will have HA dogs of different levels when dealing with breeds in that category. And same with pitbulls, you will have a lot of dogs that are cold as ice. Again, it's all about knowing the breed, what the standard is, having them proven, knowing their temperament and only breeding those that will provide a stable and quality animal, etc etc.

    When I get a real pit? Haha what's a pit? I have a few of those in my yard, I can take pictures if you want!
    My pitbull is just as much pitbull as yours if you don't have papers haha. Nice try though. And what you assume my dog must not be a pitbull because he is not shorter, thicker, and his head isn't a square brick? Hmmm..okay. I have been reasearching this breed for a while now, and I'll tell you what, once I am honored enough to own a REAL APBT off of a reputable yard with lines proven over and over and over again and fits every centimeter of the standard... then I will be laughing while you tote around your byb mutts in an attempt to provide cute wittle pibbles to the general public while educating everyone on how awesome and rare "super thick XXL blue nose/red nose pitties" are.
  18. WhoDoVooDoo

    WhoDoVooDoo Puppy

    ...have you ever seen any of the dogs that the forum members own here? Cuz that is...so the opposite of the pit bulls I've seen on this site.
  19. DancesWithCurs

    DancesWithCurs Good Dog

    >.< Pretty sure he was talkin bout OP brosef
  20. WhoDoVooDoo

    WhoDoVooDoo Puppy

    Damn. I missed the edit time limit. Anyway, ignore what I just said if you'd be so kind. :confused: Cuz Voodoo doesn't pay attention sometimes when she gets heated. My mistake.
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