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How close to home is too close? Is there a "too close?"

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Good Dog
Blue is a color not a breed or type

Get with it man! Damn, can't you see what s/he's trying to explain? For fucks sake stop being a troll.

To the OP, you shouldn't have to live your life uncomfortably or scared/in fear. I agree with starting off polite with the neighbors and bringing up your concerns...but to be honest, it probably would last all of five minutes with me. I understand that the dog might not be a bad dog-he really does sound understimulated and not cared for...but that doesn't make him any less of a risk. If he's really 150lbs and bored and nippy and a guardian type breed (Rotties are right?) then what do you think is going to happen when he's bored/frustrated beyond the point of being able to control himself. I would absolutely be carrying mace around with me every where I went...and I'd consider something a little stronger too (as long as it's legal)...cattle prod...taser...something.


Try the be nice idea and combine it with quietly gathering evidence of the dog being loose and neglected. Pictures, video, etc. Keep complaining to AC every time the dog is out and document the days, times, who you made the report to, etc. If they do not come out, start calling or going to the offices of whoever is above AC and complain AC isn't doing their damn job.

As for your husbands kids, keep them on your property and ALWAYS under adult supervision. Don't give the the chance to "pet the nice doggy" and possibly be bitten.

I agree with the BYB blue mutt being a concern. Sure, a lot of good dogs come from bad breeders. I have one I adore. And a lot of human aggressive menaces come from bad breeders as well. I had two of those over the years that I had to euthanize for attacking my child and a visiting child. You are perfectly right to be worried about the possibility of even more future problems.

Yes, get mace and a cattle prod or a tazer. Hell, get a gun if you can legally own one. Make sure you do what you need to do to protect you and yours. Check into local law, but in a lot of places it is perfectly legal to shoot a nuisance animal that trespasses on your property and is a danger to you, your pets, your livestock and (most importantly) your step-children


Well when the horrific neighbor's I had upstairs the first year I lived in my apartment (its the basement of an old house thats managed by a rental company... so similar to a duplex!) got a pit bull puppy I reported it along with numerous other compaints I had about them such as their violent domestic disputes, filth, etc. They didn't do anything about the other stuff, but the puppy disappeared thank goodness.... guessing they were told to get rid of it for not paying the $200 a pop pet deposit. They were already chaining it out front at like 7-8wks old and given that that is right next to where I come up the stairwell to take my girls out to pee... yeah no thank you!! Those awful people finally left when the two men got arrested (yeah no joke!) and the woman got fired and stopped paying rent (yep she was supporting the douchebag criminals, fuuuun!) so they evicted her finally.

Frankly if I had an issue like yours and the landlords didn't care.... I'd be moving whether I could afford to or not. Thats unacceptable IMO. And what happens when your dog gets in trouble for "looking vicious" because of what she is because of the bad example your neighbors have set forth? People like your neighbors are what leads to BSL... :no2:


Big Dog
Don't say anything to them. Clearly they are craptastic owners and they know they suck (thus the excuse that they will get him trained when they have the money). You pointing out to them that they are bad owners who should not get another dog is only going to make them pissed at you. The dog is untrained, covered in fleas, has a growth and you really think they will listen to gentle reason? It already sounds like you have tried to give them helpful advice about the current dog. Advise not taken so they are not going to listen to you about getting a new dog. They are stupid and you should carry mace/taser anytime you leave the house.
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Little Dog
Marriss, I don't recalling saying blue was anything more than a color. A color that's caused by recessive genes and often aimed for by breeders attempting to cash in on the trend of people wanting "blue nosed pits" (just typing that makes me want to gag).

I have made some hints mostly because I couldn't stand it any more when she continues to talk about the pups.
"I got my girl for free, but in less than two years I've spent a couple thousand on her between getting her shots, fixed, fed, and supplies" which was met with 'we don't spend that much'
Also attempted "Blue is caused by a recessive gene, they tend to have allergy issues I hear. Not to mention hip, heart, and eyes that all should be checked out before breeding any dog" which was met with 'he jumps over fences and seems healthy' (bout what I expect from anyone that willingly pays for puppies out of the newspaper and such though).
They probably think I'm a snob :lol:
I would try a head on approach if I thought it would get results, but like some people said I doubt it would and then we would just have issues.

We've got mace (and I'm not afraid to use it!)
The boys will be here tonight and are defiantly not going anywhere near the neighbor's.
Also plans are to move in September when the lease is up, but sadly there's no way to get going before then unless a large amount of money suddenly falls into our laps. Tax returns sadly didn't cut it as much as I was hoping otherwise.
On the bright side they've been talking about moving, though I imagine moving with a 150 pound dog is about as hard as moving with a 47 pound APBT so I'm not holding my breath.


Good Dog
Basically, what they are saying is, this is the beginning of a "pit bull" attack news story, and should they try to stop it BEFORE our dogs gets another black eye due to what is likely to happen when the "pit bull" gets in these neighbors hands and grows up. I agree, sounds like an issue waiting to happen... That's why I'm changing the name of my hound. Good thing he looks NOTHING like a "pit bull".


If you wanna be the moral police maybe you should start by looking in the mirror

You went to your landlord about a problem you had with them instead of talking to them directly?

If you have that much of a problem with how other people live maybe you shouldn't be living in an apartment complex. You have the right to move . . you don't have the right to impose your wishes on others
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