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Housebreaking Your Puppy

Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by Mollie's Nana, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. Vechioli

    Vechioli Puppy

    great advice. currently working on this with gucci. we have a few accidents here and there but for the most part he goes outside. the problem were having is him not telling us he needs to go. we take him out every hour but it would be nice if he could give us a heads up.
  2. jerseytaz

    jerseytaz Puppy

    exactly my problem too
  3. Mack-Diesel

    Mack-Diesel Puppy

    Great post thanks!!!
  4. StephenD123

    StephenD123 Puppy

    Great advice. I follow the same procedure, but I would like to know if over time they will eventually start giving me a signal they need to go? Also, is it wrong to withhold water through the day to stick to the schedule?
  5. DopeyLaDiva

    DopeyLaDiva Puppy

    My 2month pup is getting good for the potty training bit and I have only had him for 2days (: I'm so proud of him. He went from pooping and peeing in a bathroom and little human contact to going outside everytime. He did accidentally pee in the house twice today but it was because I was scared to go outside (there was a frog at my door who wouldn't move). He's doing a good job in his crate right now too. I put a sheet over it when he started freaking out and he instantly calmed down (:

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    Its pretty hot out here where I live so Ive been giving my pup extra water. I give it to him while he is outside though so if he has to go he can freely
  6. PrettyPitty

    PrettyPitty Good Dog

    Just wanted to add that an alternative to the crate training method to aid in potty training is simply keeping the pup on a leash indoors. Since I am home all day or most of the day I have the leash either tied to me or to something near me at all times. I find my puppy will not go in the house when I am nearby, she would rather go off and pee when nobody is looking, so this method works and helps her to learn to hold it. Then I simply let her outside on regular intervals to relieve herself. Puppies need to go potty after they wake up from naps, after a vigorous play session, after they eat or drink, so it is actually pretty simple. Then praise and treat her for going outside. At night I also keep her leashed in my bedroom where she sleeps on the floor with our other dog on a dog bed. If/when she has to "go", she usually whines because she can't go off and circle and search for a good place. I do believe in crates, but this method also works very well, especially if your dog freaks out about being in a crate. They are very content being tied to me all day as long as they have chew toys and things nearby. After a successful potty trip, I will allow puppy to have some very supervised free-time in the house to run and play.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 1, 2011
  7. I have a little issue with Hulk. From crate to outside, unless carried he will potty on the floor. He is 8 1/2 weeks old. He doesnt seem to be getting that he is not supposed to potty inside but as soon as we get outside he goes right away. Am i expecting to much from him since hes still so young?
  8. Oh also he spends part of the day with me at work and goes all over the carpeting...maybe having two places to spend all this time is making it more difficult for him?
  9. Rylee2010

    Rylee2010 Puppy

    It took me a very very long time with my pup to get him to not use the crate as a potty area. He would go to the bathroom and roll all around in it.. eat it... Oh my it was so nasty cleaning it every single time we left the house. He had horrible separation anxiety problem. I was washing him, the crate, and the blankets every single day. We tried to make it a smaller area for him and as he grew we added more room. He is over a year old now and we are much happier with him. LOL He can now have a blanket or pillow in there with him, and he won't go potty in there at all. I was put on bed rest with my little girl and he spent a lot of time with me probably too much time. Ha ha But I could leave him out all night with no problems or accidents. Now that I am back to work and everything. We are having a problem leaving him out to run the house at night while we sleep. He won't wake us up if he needs to go out and just goes potty where he feels fit. So frustrating when he came so far and was doing so good. Anyone have any ideas how to get him house broke to wake us up when he needs to go out?
  10. A new learning for me, thank you for posting this information content and I learned a lot here. Actually, I want to train my new puppy at home and I'm thinking if where should I start. Your posted here in the forum really give me an idea and tips that I can use for my pet. Check more on: http://wellpets.co.uk/
  11. luna__

    luna__ Puppy

    This seems to be everything I am doing.. have had my pup since 6 weeks & she's now 14 weeks old but still have accidents in the house! It's frustrating..! Sometimes she will go out be out for a good 15 minutes - not eliminate - & then come back in & go in the house. The only thing I am not doing is putting her back in a crate after bringing her back in & she hadn't went so I will try that. When we are gone she will soil her crate as well & we don't usually leave her for more than an hour at a time..
  12. luna__

    luna__ Puppy

    Also, she still hasn't learned to let us know she needs to go, I assume this is something that'll take some time still.
  13. CooleyHigh

    CooleyHigh Puppy

    omg I want my puppy to learn this soooo bad !! What time do you normally feed you're dog ?
  14. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    She will learn but you HAVE to give her time. Think of her as an infant child. You wouldn't expect an infant to know how to use the bathroom on its own... So don't expect it from a young pup.
  15. What do you do when your puppy pees everywhere BUT on his puppy pad ? we keep the pad in the same exact place all the time. Sometimes he'll use the pad, but more often he doesn't. Any solutions, besides taking him out all the time ? Because he won't go outside when it's negative temperatures outside.
  16. BCdogs

    BCdogs Good Dog Super Moderator

    Don't use the pads. You're training your dog to go in the house and it just draws out actual housetraining. Take him outside every half our to hour. Get him a sweater if he's cold. Wait outside until he goes.
  17. MindyMGerber

    MindyMGerber Banned

    Nice thread. This is the biggesst issue for everyone while adopting a dog. It is very tough to train a dog for toilet, but it is not impossible. If you try to teach him from the time he starts learning, he will understand it and always follow your instructions.
  18. PaulMP

    PaulMP Puppy

    Thank you for the explanations, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to dogs and this was my biggest, and most pressing issue... I hope my little girl will get house-broken quickly, because it isn't easy every day.

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