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Historic Pictures of French Bull Dogs


Good Dog
I LOVE french bull dogs, but i refuse to own a dog with a face that's pushed in like that... They use to have nicer snouts i wish i could travel back in time and snatch up one of the pictured dogs, don't get me wrong i LOVE french bull dogs today, but i just don't want a dog with a face like that






Good Dog
There are still Frenchies with muzzles! I groomed one that could jog 5 miles a day! You just have to keep a eye out.
They cost so much cause the bitch needs a cesarean, no vag births for the most part.


Good Dog
They are cute! I like more face on them.

Rocky has a smushed face, but he can hike 6 miles easily as long it doesn't get hotter then the low 80's. Otherwise it is just too hot, but my other dogs agree even with long faces and I concur as well. Rocky also swims pretty well for a Frenchie too! When has dognapped and had collapsed lungs and stuff he got full body x-rays and they said he was surprisingly well put together for a little stubby dog!


Good Dog
I was looking at some French Bull Dog rescues, and there were a lot of cute dogs with some snout to them!