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hip dyslexia

i have noticed my pup walking funny and may have early hip dyslexia and the breeder said he had vet check and was healthy can i ask for my money back to fix him i love my dog so much and want him healthy but the breeder should of told me frist up


Good Dog
dyslexia? lol, dysplasia. I think it usually shows up later on in life, the parents may have had hip scores done before breeding that you could have asked to see along with any other health tests done on them, looking at your own pups records would have been a good idea too. Maybe you should get your own vet to take a look, it might be fine, I think bull terriers always walk funny lol. As a breed they are prone to a number of orthopedic problems.


Good Dog
I should probably add , there are ways you can reduce the chances of you dog getting hip dysplasia as it is not always cause by genetics. Keeping your dog lean, no overexertion of the joint at a young age, or running your pup while joints are developing (before 1 year). That might sound simple but bull terriers are crazy.


Cow Dog
Did the breeder actually do health testing (OFA) on both parents? Or just a vet check? Did you see the results or take him at his word?


Good Dog
Super Moderator
Hip dyslexia? Does that mean the left one is on the right side and vice versa?

Actually almost spat out my coffee.

Was there any health guarantee against hereditary defects in the contract from the breeder?