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Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by Zeuceone, May 27, 2010.

  1. Zeuceone

    Zeuceone Little Dog

    My pup gets the hiccups often. Is this normal or is there something I need to change? Also I have noticed twice that he has a milky light green/yellow liquid on the tip of his penis. It didn't smell like anything and didn't taste bad. :)
  2. sduran165

    sduran165 Banned

    Zeus looks like it could be my pup's brother. When I brought him home at 9 weeks, he was getting the hiccups. He doesn't get them as often, but still gets them from time to time. I picked up "Blue" in the San Pedro area...Maybe they could be related?
  3. Zeuceone

    Zeuceone Little Dog

    im in the inland empire. now that he is older it doesn't happen
  4. Chapstickglue

    Chapstickglue Big Dog

    ...you tasted it?
  5. Prophecy

    Prophecy Good Dog

    I was told hiccups in puppies can be related to growth spurts.I found this to be fairly true,when I have raised pups. Mischa got the hiccups alot during her growth spurts.It's normal. As for the ''goop'' on the penis,it's likely smegma coming from his penile sheath. If he has an accumulation of this,take a baby wipe and wipe him off. This is also fairly common with male puppies/dogs.

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  6. Trudi's Daddy

    Trudi's Daddy Little Dog

    I was wondering the same thing but was afraid to ask.
  7. LailaBug

    LailaBug Big Dog

    Hiccup are normal for puppies, so is smegma (the "goo" from the penis, it is just dead skin cells from under the sheath), but don't taste it lol

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