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Hi There!

I am new to this forum, so Hello! I recently adopted a 4 month old "Border Collie" mix almost a month ago. DNA results say he's actually a Bull Terrier/Boxer mix, with random bits of lab and husky. So basically, a mutt. However, as he has been getting more comfortable I can definitely see the terrier in him. I have only been around 1 pure bred Bull Terrier, so I don't know much about the breed, other than what I have read, so I'm here to hopefully figure out my pup and how to get him to be the best he can be!

I'll probably post a more detailed training specific post, but for now does anyone have tips to help with mouthing and "come?" Nothing works for him with mouthing, he has lost all his puppy teeth, and we are just waiting for the adult ones to come in. When that happens, will his mouthing decrease? And for "come" he has no recall, whatsoever. He's fine in the house, but if we go to the dog park he ignores us. I know he's still young, but I wanna get him started early. He already learned sit, down, and high five from me so I know he's smart.

Well, without further adieu... Meet Rookie!


Good Dog
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Welcome! He's cute.

For the mouthing, check out this sticky: Bite Inhibition

As for the recall, I suggest you get a long line and start to slowly build up the distance when outside. It's normal for a dog to do well with recall in the house, but they obviously get more distracted when outside, so it's something you need to work on over time and distances. So yeah, start out with a long line, and use extra special treats reserved only for recall. I use hot dogs, and to this day, recall is something I will always treat for when obeyed.