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Hey everyone! Turkey/Raw Question

Discussion in 'Raw Food Diets' started by BullyNova, May 30, 2015.

  1. BullyNova

    BullyNova Puppy

    Ok so ive had my pup for about a month now, shes almost 4 months old. Now my question is today im cooking a turkey and have yet to raw feed her. Ive read stuff about the necks etc and the bones not being good for them so just wondering whats the best bet for this. Chop it all up or just take the meat off the bone. Also raw liver, kidneys etc are also good to give?

    I love her to death but dont want her dead. Thanks everyone!!
  2. dogeatdog

    dogeatdog Good Dog

    I would feed the neck not chopped up, making sure they chew it up and don't choke. Livers and kidney are fine to feed also, but I don't think you really understand what is involved with raw feeding. Throwing your pup bits of raw stuff to eat is not raw feeding, and would most likely just give your pup an upset stomach.
    Here is a link that may explain the process better. Raw Fed Dogs - Natural Prey Model Rawfeeding Diet
  3. xchairity_casex

    xchairity_casex Good Dog

    I moved this to the raw feeding section for more responses.

    Raw bones are fine, cooked bones are the ones to worry about, poultry necks are actually really good first raw meals, the bones are generally easier to manage for smaller dogs/ puppies and have enough bone/meat ratio that it does not cause such watery runny stools to start with.

    What you must understand about raw feeding is that it is the raw bones that keep the stools firm and solid and just meat will cause soft-runny stools.

    I also would wait on the heart,kidneys,livers as these are pretty rich meats as a first time raw food and often cause watery/explosive stools for first timers who's tummies are not used to raw meat.
  4. Nothinvoid

    Nothinvoid Puppy

    The link provided by dogeatdog is a good one. I looked at that as well as several others before deciding to give my dogs raw. I give mine blue ridge beef. Its a good company with a good record and the dogs love it. If you give them raw cuts of meat though I was told by my vet that you should at least sear the outside of it before feedings to kill anything on it cuz its the outside you have to worry about but their systems are better suited for fighting any bacteria it may contain than ours. You can also give them kefir which helps fight e. Coli and salmonella as well as fighting cancer, containing probiotics, etc
  5. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    Be aware that though it hasn't been confirmed, there are many rumors that Blue Ridge Beef's products are 4D. I personally don't care as long as it's not priced as USDA human grade, but many care.

    You don't need to sear the outside. Yes, there's always a risk of contamination however it's CONTAMINATION. The bacteria does not randomly appear on the meat unless it comes into contact with the bacteria. Searing the meat will 1.) create a picky eater that requires all meats to be seared and refuses raw meat and 2.) counters raw completely by heating the meat and thus removing some vital nutrients. If you research a homemade cooked diet, supplementing a multivitamin is necessary to be sure the dog is eating a balanced diet. This is not necessary with a raw diet where the nutrients are available in their natural form.

    Kefir is fine although the probiotics available are not concentrated. To really have the full benefits of a good probiotic, you should give a powder. Probiotics don't fight bacteria or cancer.
  6. Nothinvoid

    Nothinvoid Puppy

    I also give em animal naturals k9 showstopper plus joint factors which is a really good supplement. Expensive but its worth it.

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