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"he's not a Pit Bull"

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by E Diggy, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. E Diggy

    E Diggy Big Dog

    "he's not a Pit Bull"

    My mom has new next door neighbors. I noticed yesterday that as one comes out she has a beautiful puppy that is a dead ringer to my Mickey, just younger. I introduce myself and compliment her on the pup, and she thanks me and says, "he's a retriever mix". I could tell she wasn't playing the name game, she really had no idea. I chuckled a bit, because he looks nothing like any kind of retriever. She looked at me funny, wondering why I laughed and I said, "it's ok, I have 2 Pit Bulls." She surprisesme with, "oh, I'd be nervous with one." I'm dying now and had to let her in on the joke. I told her that's what she has, and showed her pics of Mickey. Then I googled Pit Bull, and Am Staff and told her the difference, but in all the pics, the dogs look remarkably like hers. She was taken back a little bit. Aparently her BF was playing the name game with her. She would have never had a Pit Bull, but didn't even have any idea what one looked like. (or what retrievers look like for that matter, I suppose) So he told her the dog was a random mix and she accepted him. I had to appreciate the irony. She was an anti Pit Bull person, taking one for a walk! Now she's all turned around, because she loves her dog but would have never allowed him in the house if she knew his breed name. You got to love it!
  2. Kit

    Kit Good Dog

    My mom was like that when she found out that DH (then BF) had Rosie. NO WAY was that dog coming to the farm. Can't have a Pit Bull around the horses.
    Then mom met Rosie.
    I was out taking care of my horses, come inside, see mom working puzzle, and Rosie licking out an ice cream dish.
  3. Beautibull

    Beautibull Puppy

    My mom was the exact same way a couple of weeks ago ( We've had ours for 2.5 weeks now ). She said the dogs were born evil and she'd never let one in the house. She also said the that a pitbull would kill are yorkie( Currently have a yorkie ). Know it looks like it would be the other way around with my yorkie ( There BFF's now ). Suprise suprise got one from a family friend told her it was a lab mix boxer. Then about 3 days ago told her the truth and she's calling him little baby. LOL! Just goes to show you never know until you try.
  4. Jazzy

    Jazzy GRCH Dog

    That's pretty funny.

    Confirms that prejudice is based on lack of knowledge.
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  5. stevespe

    stevespe Little Dog

    Ha ha ha.....sounds like her BF pulled a fast one on her.....bet he got an earfull if he really did know what he had.
  6. ignitethis

    ignitethis Good Dog

    That's hilarious! Glad she still loves the dog, lol.
  7. evilfriends

    evilfriends Little Dog

    My mom used to be that way, too. Didn't like Pit Bulls at all. (Kinda funny since the family dog when I was growing up was a big old 140 pound Rottweiler mix... How you gonna hate on Pits when you got a Rottweiler for your four year old? Haha.)

    My Border Collie and I used to go to a weekly dog playgroup. My mom fell in love with this dog named Bugsy. Sweetest dog. He was owned by an older woman, they'd be there every week. Bugsy would come in, grab his toy and run like crazy for the full hour. My mom would talk with his owner, I forget his whole story but he was a rescue dog, came from a neglect situation. Take a wild guess what kind of dog he was!

    Between Bugsy and my own bully mix she's completely changed her mind about these dogs. :)

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  8. stevespe

    stevespe Little Dog

    Most people who have interaction with them come to realize that aren't the killers they are made out to be. I'm old, seems I have seen generation after generation of "evil" dogs. In the 70's it was shepherds. In the early 80's, Dobermans. Then it went to rottweilers. Now, unfortunately, every dog that attacks anything is a pit. Regardless of what they are. Seems we have unfortunately found the ultimate "evil" breed and don't think its gonna change.
  9. AmberH

    AmberH Good Dog Premium Member

    I have to laugh because I have a somewhat similar story. I found some stray dogs a couple years back. A Saint Bernard, Westie, and a little buckskin colored pit bull. She was tiny and cute! I recognized the Saint and Westie from working at the shelter (they were brought in as strays) so I called up my boss and asked her to look them up in the computer so I could take them home. When the woman got to my house to pick them up I said something along the lines of how much I loved her little pit bull. She got all offended and informed me that she was a "boxer/cattle dog mix." Um, yeah. Sure. At least I tried to educate her but she wasn't having anything of it. Too bad she was such a crappy dog owner. They get out all the time. I saw the Saint listed for sale on a FB group a while back. I hope she got a better owner.
  10. E Diggy

    E Diggy Big Dog

    Yup. When you base your opinions on what you've heard as opposed to what you know yourself...
  11. Joey&Zoey

    Joey&Zoey Good Dog

    Exactly my thoughts.
  12. stevespe

    stevespe Little Dog

    Ha. I have a cattle dog mix. this is my Daisy.... daisy.jpg

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