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Here's Meesha


Big Dog
So we decided to just keep the name Meesha. She just didn't do great trying to learn a new one and we kept calling her Meesha on accident. Maybe it would have been easier if she just didn't have a name before. Oh well.

We are getting to know each other pretty well and I think we have decided to officially sign the papers and keep her. We really wanted a dog for sports but it became clear that while we are both working, we just wouldn't have the time. Maybe just for fun, but not any real competition. Maybe we will try out weight pull or something. I have always wanted a dog to be a therapy dog and she may be really good at it. She's very gentle and moves slowly and loves people. But she gets a little spooky around weird objects.

I told my husband that I could never take a dog seriously that had an underbite. But that was before Meesha. haha. I would have passed over her but I'm glad my husband wanted to consider her because she really is pretty perfect for our situation right now.

She's been very easy to train so far. We are trying the clicker, so I'm hoping for good things. She's pretty soft so she needs all positive training methods.

She's finally getting over her allergies and I can tell she's feeling a lot better. In just the week we've had her, her coat is looking better and she's getting less stinky. I'm thinking a good diet and some real exercise will do her a lot of good.

Anyways, you are just here for the pictures, right?? Haha



Premium Member
Glad things are working out well!

The more photos I see of her, the more she screams Boxer to me. Especially these:



Too cute !!! :)
I think she definitely has some boxer in there.
What do you think the allergies are or were ??


Big Dog
I think it was the grass but just made worse by stress and a food change. If I don't wipe her down when she comes in from outside, she'll get red, but no bumps. But if I wipe her down when she comes in, she's fine. She's still got a bunch of scabs from itching, but she's itching much less.


Good Dog

BAHAHAHAH!! Shes adorable! Mee chee is what I'd call her xD Thanks for rescuing =3 Feels good eh? Im sure I missed it, but did u get her from a rescue or a local shelter?


Little Dog
She is beautiful! I love her expressions in every picture..especially the ones of her playing and frolicking around :)


Big Dog
Yeah her body shape is definitely boxerish and I think her face shape is Am bulldogish. But her size implies theres another thing in the mix. So who knows.