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Help New Camera ?

Discussion in 'Camera and Photography Tips' started by apbtowner, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. apbtowner

    apbtowner Good Dog

    ok christmas is comming, i kno i already own the nikon d5100, but i want another slr, yes call me crazy but i need to have 2 lol
    i cant decide which one to get,

    i was looking at the sony a57, it has 12fps which is awsome considering it would be great for wildlife an action shots of animals, which is what i want to use it for, i am looking for a camera in the $1000 range, not to go over to 2000,

    what i am looking for in a caemra of couse is the fps, it needs to be fast and over 6fps, i want it to be weather sealed, shoot in low light like indoors or at night,

    i wsa lookin also at the canon eos 7d, theres just too many lol i need to pick my modle by the end of nov so i can give my wish list to my grandma since she is the one gettin me it :) plz help

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