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Help me find a Bully!

Hi guys,

I have been lurking on the site for a while. I recently just bought my first house and think I am ready for my first Bully. I live in North Alabama and really want to go local (I prefer rescue) but I have only been able to locate one breeder in 100 mile range, I would go up to 300 miles to get one. I prefer an all white male puppy. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance


There are no Bull Terrier Club of America bull terrier breeders in Alabama, unfortunately. The BTCA breed club enforces a standard of conduct and code of ethics that most other breeders do not so I would suggest you find a puppy from one of them rather than someone on the internet, no matter what they claim to guarantee.

If you want to contact breeders in your region, go to http://www.btca.com, click on Education, then Breeder Directory and follow the links to BTCA breeders. Look particularly at the breeders in Tennessee and Georgia, and any other states that you could drive to. Most if not all have a few litters a year and you "might" be placed on a waiting list but your chances of getting a healthy puppy, plus the knowledge and support of a reputable breeder, will be worth it. In addition, in my experience, most of the BTCA breeders actually charge "less" for a puppy than so many of the internet-advertised breeders or pet stores.

There are quite a lot of bullies needing rescue in your surrounding states! Here are a couple of rescue contacts/groups you should contact if you're interested in a rescue. Most don't share applications, so you may have to go through the process of filling out several apps, but don't let that deter you!

For BTCA rescue, go to http://www.btca.com, click on Rescue, click on Rescue website. There will be a map and I doubt any dogs will show up in Alabama, but you should look at surrounding states. Many dogs are fostered in AR, GA, FL, TN etc. And NOT ALL DOGS are listed. It takes a while for volunteers of any rescue to post all dogs, so fill out an app or contact people to inquire.

There is another rescue group that you should contact: Recycla-Bull Terrier Rescue, Recycla-Bull Terrier Rescue - Home

Good luck.

New York, NY
(Big Apple Bull Terrier Rescue)


Little Dog
When you say you "think" you are ready for a Bully, usually that means you aren't.. I can't tell you how many BT owners i've spoken to as they are releasing their dog to a rescue and they say, we "thought" we were ready for it, but it's just too much to handle. Be absolutely sure, that A. you have the money to invest in the dog, whether it be allergies, or a good trainer to help positively raise your dog. I know of many people that have spent 5-6 thousand dollars on allergies, and medications, vet visits... the list goes on. All white puppies can be more prone to allergies, Be sure that you're looking into proper nutrition. Remember dogs are carnivores, and I have personally seen dogs with allergies go from red and inflamed to perfectly fine with proper Raw diet.

I worked with RBTR which Mardi linked they are pretty wonderful.
http://www.btca.com/btca_rescue/rescue_frame.htm The BTCA has their own rescue map as well, you just click on the states you want to see available rescues in and it will show... though like Mardi said, they may not be listed so inquire further if you are truly interested.


Little Dog
yeah i agree with crazy. i mean i would almost consider them like a ferrari, or lamborghini of the dog world. theyre high maintence dogs for sure. and it seems like am at the vet every couple of months over something. to get get them "tuned again" haha. i just got back today actually with mila. she decided she wanted to run around in a gumb ball pile and and poked her foot about 4 days ago and it got infected and was a hop a long the last week haha. luckyily shes back to a 100 percent thanks to antibiotics and an anti inflammatory. keep in mind i have 2 bt's. but i also got very lucky with them. theyre both on the calmer side of bt's. however i still think most people would still consider them to rambunctious for most households. also another thing is they're diet. for whatever reason they seem to have fairly senstive stomachs. you cant just feed the iams or ol ray or something like that. chances are if you do, you will end up with diarhea all over your house. also keeping in mind, some have more senstive stomachs than others. which means your probably gonna have to run "premium fuel" in them. Taste of the wild, Innova, etc... and that adds up. i go through about a 35 lb bag of TOTW every 3 weeks, which is 50 bucks a pop.

im not gonna try to discourage you from getting one. im just gonna tell you to please try to understand what a big responsibility your taking on. and do tons and tons of research. i would honestly say forum can be very helpful for self education. if you can get past all the egos on here haha. but yeah best of luck


Little Dog

Here's my two cents, just because I can...

If you think you are ready for a Bull Terrier (want a dog, can take care of a dog for the entirety of its life, and are not just WILLING but WANT to be responsible for one) then more power to you. Go find one! Everyone on here always seems to act like Bull Terriers are complete hell to take care of. I bought mine when I was 20 years old while living in a fraternity apartment complex in college. Most people on here would probably try to make me sound like some irresponsible kid who doesn't know what he was getting himself into. I paid for the dog myself, did what was necessary to feed him the right food, give him plenty of exercise and love, and so forth. Everyone in "Greek" society at my school knows I have my Bull Terrier because I always take him with me places and what not.

Max is an extremely well-mannered dog. From the time he was a puppy I crate trained and clicker trained him. He knows many commands and listens to me when I tell him to do things. I've spent a lot of time with him, but that is what is required. He follows me every where I go, which I think is a sign of of well I've taken care of him. With this being said, every dog is different. I'm sure there are some people that have done all the same things I have, but their dog really is hell on wheels. That's the chance you take. I'm not saying you're ready for a dog, but I'm not going to sit here and give you a speech about how these animals are wild and you PROBABLY don't know what you're getting yourself into. Hell, I don't even know you.

Do your reading, ask yourself why you want the dog, and be prepared for the worst while expecting the best. Best of wishes to you.
the reason so many people act like its "hell" to take care of a BT is becuase if your not naturally the right type of person for a dog like that then yes it can be "hell" to care for one. if youve never dealt with a powerful breed or a stubborn or a domineering dog then it will be very challanging.

when i got my first bully male pup Guinness i was probably more ready to deal with a bt then anyone who had never owned one before i talked and learned and read and researched countless breeders,owners,books,websites, you name it i read about took me 12 years of reading and researching before i got my pup and guess what he was too much for me to handle i STILL wasnt ready! though im fairly posative now he had something physically wrong with him as he is still unpredictable (he was aggressive by 3 months old)

so i had the first hand knowledge and experience of what they were really like i fine-tuned my training aproach based on what i had learned,what experiened trainers,breeders,owners had told me and i spent the next 2 years learning everything i could about domineering dogs,dog behavior,dealing with possable aggression, i started working hands on with people around town and there dogs watching those dogs first hand behavior towards other dogs,people,children ect.
talking to countless other dog owners about there own dog problems online.

but one of the biggest things that cam into play for me is i grew up without many freinds i was homeschooled i was raised around animals my mom worked all the time i learned to be observent of animals and patient with them to get what i want not to mention some how as i got older i took over being the "pants" in the family becuase im an assertive person by nature so it was pretty easy for me.

for some people its not that easy and yes for me it was pretty easy after i did as much research on BTs and dogs in general. if your a person who naturally gives in or gives up becuase its easier your gonna have one hell of a time with any power breed unless you get that one uncommon pup who is the most docile thing in the world which is quite rare especielly when your sights are not set on the best breeder possable.
think about it like this
do you say "ok" to a freind who wants you to do somthing with them even though you had other plans to get them to stop pestering you?
do you let your partners make the rules in the relationship becuase you dont want to "rock the boat?" or cause problems? even little things that bug you?
do you have kids? do your kids annoy you to the point of your having to scream at them?
do have alot of patience or not so much?
do you panic easily?

if you get a BT puppy they are going to try your patience no questions about it sure they are wonderful loving dogs and once you get there love and respect the RIGHT way youll have the best dog you could ever imagine its just getting that love and respect thats the hard part and you do need both becuase if your dog doesnt respect you only loves you you could end up with a distructive dog or a dog who ignores you when you ask it somthing a dog who may with maturity start dog fights. and vic versa if you have a dog who only respects you and doesnt love you your not going to have a dog who enjoys being near you youll end up with a dog who is fearful and aloof.

you gain love with praise,treats,play,and a general posative atitude towards your dog you gain respect with consistancy and stable energy (as in you dont become frustrated or angry with your dog when he/she doesnt listen the 100th time)

dont be in a rush to get your puppy do your research,find a GOOD breeder talk to them become there freind,get to know there dogs. take you time there will never be a shortage of bull terrier puppies.


Little Dog
Is it jst me or did the op say he wanted a bully I didn't see nothing about a bull terrier maybe I missed it, op I am in north Alabama also and I know a guy or two who sell am. Bullies but they ain't from no rescue I can't help ya with the rescue sorry but if you want an am.bully p.m me I would try and connect you with them

Disregard me I'm retarded I see it is in the bt section now sorry