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Help finding a fun sport for my feisty girl

Bella is 37 lbs, very nervous (unsocialized in puppyhood) and 4 years old.
When I first got her, she’d sleep all day long and short brisk walks were all she needed. Now she’s so much healthier, and she’s suddenly energetic as a puppy!
She keeps starting fights with the other dogs, I can tell it’s because of boredom. She needs a fun activity to occupy herself with.
I’m having trouble finding one, as she doesn’t care much for toys (likes the rope but acts too nervous to grip and pull it full strength) she looks offended when people throw things but loves chasing little things. She won’t bite or hurt something she’s chasing she she’s not good for hunting. Sport fighting is illegal in my country plus I don’t want her getting hurt I want her having fun.
So with fetch, hunting, fly ball and everything I can think of off the table, what can she excel at?! She loves finding things with her nose, but becomes bored easily if I’m trying to tell her what to find. She’s more interested in finding skunks and whatever else she picks up a curious scent on


Little Dog
There are lots of things you can do with your dog. Flirtpole with her or set up a springpole, bike and or roller skate with her, get a treadmill. Since she keeps starting fights a good idea would be for you to get some breaksticks and learn how to use them.