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*Help* biting problem!

Alright here's the deal, I have an almost 4 month old American Bulldog/Pitbull mix puppy. I know and understand that puppies teeth and like to chew but she is bringing this to a whole other level. She has tons of chew toys, Kong's, ropes and doggie treats, bones and mini knot bones to keep her occupied. I use a stern voice when I catch her in the act and depending on the seriousness of her actions I will clap my hands. Now the problem is I can't even sit on the couch without her biting my whole body including my face. I've worked overy single day with her for the last two months 're-directing her bite to a toy but nothing has changed its getting much worse! I also have a 3 year old and 4 month old daughter and my 3 year old has dozens and dozens of scratches from this dog and will grab a hold of her continuously . She's jumped in my infants swing and bit her on 3 occasions. She's literally tore apart every pair of socks I own our molding in our kitchen and various other items in the house. Neither my kids, fiancee nor myself can sit and watch t.v without being bitten and when she's bites she whips her head back and forth. I'm just sick and tired of my kids, fiance and myself getting hurt. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Now my other problem is her potty training.. I legitimately take her outside every 20 minutes and she will go outside and Pee 1-2 times and when I bring her in she will immediately sniff around and pee again!? I reward her when she goes outside I've redirected her outside when she does it and nothing has improved at all. I'm am a first time dog owner but have grown up around all kinds of dogs including Pitbulls but I have to say I'm getting more than frustrated and discouraged here and Dont know how much more I can take esp. With the biting of my kids.
I take her outside I have a huge back yard that I play with her in and let her run around I'm trying to leash train her so every time I take her out we walk up and down the street etc. I play with her inside with her toys and she's never left alone with my youngest and never has been she will do it right in front of us obviously we jump to grab her quickly but everyone's told me to keep her socialized with the baby because you don't want her ever getting jealous of the baby.
1. Take her to the vet to make sure she does have a urinary tract infection.
2. If she starts sniffing or squats to pee in the house, make a loud sound to distract her then pick her out and carry her outside.
3. Stop letting her scratch up your chidren, keep them separated completely or put her on a leash.
4. Discontinue trying to redirect her with a toy, a more effective method is to stand up, cross your arms so she can't reach your hands, turn your back to her, and completely ignore her. She'll stop doing it if it isn't fun for her anymore.


Good Dog
NILIF training

I just went through the whole biting nonsense with my 6 month or so American Bulldog. I have to drain his energy on some nice long walks and a lot of fetch in the backyard. I also work a lot on training to keep him mentally stimulated as well, he's over biting for the most part now


Little Dog
I agree with what everyone has posted..

Adding one thing..How does everyone play with her? Do you play rough with her? grabbing her face and shaking, playfully smacking her on the sides of her head, shoving her back when she runs at you etc etc..?
How does your oldest play with her? Kids tend to play dogs pretty hard. And those kind of dogs can pretty much take it..the harder you play them..the harder they play back..
Just some food for thought there..