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Hello fellow pittie parents

Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by MeloNate, Jul 24, 2020.

  1. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Administrator

    Let us know how the vet appt goes!
    Nat Ursula and MeloNate like this.
  2. AGK

    AGK Scratch Kingz Staff Member

    Hair growth in 2 to 3 weeks.
    Nat Ursula and MeloNate like this.
  3. MeloNate

    MeloNate Puppy

    So..... I ponied up a couple hundred bucks for some skin labs to test for bacteria and fungus back on August 3rd. I was told the results we be back in a week. I didn’t hear anything so I called the vet. The receptionist apologized and said she’d leave a note for the vet to call me. A few days go by, same thing. Another few days, same thing. I called back yesterday and the receptionist was shocked the vet still hasn’t called me. Well he didn’t call me today either. With covid, we can’t go in the clinic, just phone calls and drop off the animals at the door. I may go down in person Monday (3weeks exactly) and demand an explanation. I wonder if I can get a refund?

    The good news is that my baby girl is completely healed. She’s looking gorgeous. I stopped the raw diet and switched to the super expensive $80/20lb canidae raw fish kibble. I also bathed a few more times in medicated shampoo and used that sulfur cream a few days but stopped when I didn’t see much progress. The food might be the deciding factor. Or; maybe the other stuff got the ball rolling...who knows. I’m sticking with the nice food though.

    Anyways, thanks everyone! Just thought I’d share the possible benefit of the food in case others are dealing with frustrating skin problems.
    Michele likes this.
  4. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Administrator

    Go to the vet in person and ask for the results. You paid for the test and you want the results.
    MeloNate likes this.

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