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He is down, but will not go out without a fight

Discussion in 'Rescue & Adoption' started by Victoria, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. Susanne

    Susanne Little Dog

    How is he doing?
  2. Phantom

    Phantom Little Dog

    Hey...that's a good lookin' dawg. Hugs to you for caring for him while he's sick. Will the shelter there allow for "permanent" foster since they won't adopt him out?
  3. Victoria

    Victoria Big Dog

    Thank you for asking - I was just getting ready to send an update!

    After he came home with me from the shelter last week, his health just crashed. Hard. We had several days of bloody vomit, and he was not able to stand up without coughing, being all hunched up all the time, and in general looking sick and painful. Giving a smart dog medicine when he doesn't want it is not very easy - he outsmarted me about every 3rd feeding. We have finally come up with what works - at least for today! Hiding the pills in a small ball of peanut butter, then rolling the peanut butter ball in his kibble.

    TODAY is the first day since I brought him home a week ago that he can finally stand up without coughing out a lung! After he ate his breakfast this morning, he was in such a good mood that he actually jumped up on me! I was so excited! And today on our car ride, he whined with excitement when we got back home! Oh, and he had so much energy, he pulled the stuffing right on out of poor Oscar the Octopus.

    So we are still waiting for a full recovery before doing our temperament testing on this guy (whom, by the way, still remains nameless - hint hint.) but in the mean time, my family and I continue to love on him and enjoy having him at our home.
  4. Victoria

    Victoria Big Dog

    Well, that is where our rescue comes in. When this particular shelter has a dog they cannot adopt out due to policies, but they know they are wonderful dogs, they ask our rescue to please help. If they had someone who had wanted to be a "permanent foster" home, then they would be happy to pass that info along to us (which they have done before) - but to my knowledge would not be able to offer that themselves. I hope I made a bit of sense?

    He is a PNWPBR dog now, but cannot go up for adoption until we have had him long enough to get a good guage on his temperament - which now that he is finally on the road to recovery, we can start on soon. Assuming he passes our asessments, we will be placing him in a waiting foster home after he is neutered.:)
  5. jeoestreich

    jeoestreich GRCH Dog

    I am glad that you finally trick him into taking his medcine. LOL Hope he feels better soon.
  6. amanda214

    amanda214 Good Dog

    Almost every 'uneducated' person I've met who has cropped their dogs ears is because they just think you are 'supposed to do that', not for fighting reasons.

    That rule is lame. What if a boxer came in with cropped ears? Or a Dobie? Does the rule apply to them?

    PNWPBR Good Dog

    The rule may be dumb, but this is a shelter that didnt adopt out the APBT breed or mixes thereof for about 11 years. Think baby steps. ;)

    HAPBTR Puppy

    Thank god he is safe. I was so horrified that I was going to start reading this, fall in love with him (I'm such a sucker for Buckskin/Fawns with Cropped ears) and then find out no one has taken him yet and have to drive up there to get him! LOL

    Keep me updated! He looks like my boy Malikhia :)
  9. Mollie's Nana

    Mollie's Nana Krypto Super Dog Staff Member

    Glad he's doing better! As far as names go.... how about the name Oscar?? Since he like Oscar the Octopus so much? :D
  10. Susanne

    Susanne Little Dog

    That is wonderful news - he is getting better.

    Here are some name ideas - Oscar of course is a great name too:

    Benni ​

    Bruno :-)​
    Claudio ​












    Phoenix :-)





    "Name recommendor" :-)​

    Break is over!
    Have fun with the name search for that beautiful guy!​

  11. CarlyB

    CarlyB Good Dog

    I like a lot of these. Here are some of my faves....
    Adonis, Conan, Monty, Yoda
  12. PNWPBR

    PNWPBR Good Dog

    I like Lex. :)
  13. Victoria

    Victoria Big Dog

    Ray has been calling him Chopper - due to the ears and tail :rolleyes: I on the other hand, have found that Hacker has been a more appropriate name choice as of late. Hacking all over my car, house, me, and everything in between.

    Lots of good choices above - thanks everyone! He continues to improve slowly, and I will get some more pictures in a couple of days.
  14. CarlyB

    CarlyB Good Dog

    Oh...I like Chopper!
  15. Susanne

    Susanne Little Dog

    Chopper is a nice name! I like it!
  16. Madeleinemom

    Madeleinemom MS Bites, My Dog Didn't Staff Member

    Love Chopper - he's got the ears and the flight !!!
  17. Susanne

    Susanne Little Dog

    How is Chopper doing? Is he still sick?
  18. Victoria

    Victoria Big Dog

  19. Susanne

    Susanne Little Dog

    :( OMG - oh no :(

    So sad......

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