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Has anyone trained a Basenji mix before?

Lillie May

Good Dog
Lol! Oh you can look up pics, I'm posting a pic of ours, and they are devil demon dogs! The only reason they probably didn't use them in the Omen movies is because they do what they want!image.jpg

Lillie May

Good Dog
It's official........I HATE HER!!!!! Because I hate her, I can't keep her tethered to me. The urge to reach down to strangle her with my bare hands would be to great. Why someone would actually chose to own these hounds from hell is beyond my comprehension. Today the clicker fell out of my pocket. We were outside and I didn't notice. I saw she had something in her mouth (she always has something she's not supposed to have), I learned a long time not to chase her. I sat on the porch calling her to me, put my hand out, told her to drop it. Without fail, she stands out of arms reach, chewing on the thing she isn't supposed to have. The evil bitch seemed to take great delight in making the clicker click! I ignored her, she began running trying to get me to chase her, clicking the whole fucking time. I think I heard her giggle......or I've lost my mind.