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Happy Birthday Raj! =)

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by destinoscelgo, May 2, 2012.

  1. destinoscelgo

    destinoscelgo Good Dog

    I completely forgot to post all about Raj's birthday on the 30th so I'm posting now!
    My boy is now two years old (and boy how time flies lol)
    Here he is as a pup =) (ten weeks old)


    and here he is now =D
    (well...about a month and a half ago)


    Happy Birthday Raj <3
  2. SamThePitbull

    SamThePitbull Good Dog

    awww! what a cutie! happy birthday Raj! I hope you bought him some super special birthday treats!
  3. #1 stunner

    #1 stunner Good Dog

    Happy birthday Raj! Hope it was a great one.

  4. destinoscelgo

    destinoscelgo Good Dog

    Thanks =) and no actually I neglected him, but this weekend we may take him on a hike =)
  5. Pink

    Pink GRCH Dog

    Happy birthday to him!
  6. PrettyPitty

    PrettyPitty Good Dog

    Happy 2nd birthday, Handsome Raj!
  7. SBTlove

    SBTlove Good Dog

    Happy 2nd Birthday Raj
  8. Kamdon

    Kamdon GRCH Dog

    Happy bday!!!! Woot woot!!!!
  9. destinoscelgo

    destinoscelgo Good Dog

    Woo! Thanks everyone =) Today he has been extra lazy just lounging around and he got his favorite kind of bone =)
  10. K9 Love

    K9 Love Good Dog

    Happy birthday Raj! Loves, cuddles and cookies! :D

    Welcome to the terrible two's!!! Mwahahahah!
  11. ReneeMcDougal

    ReneeMcDougal Good Dog

    Happy birthday to RAJ!
  12. Diesel12

    Diesel12 Little Dog

    Happy Birthday!!!!
  13. Krista

    Krista Krypto Super Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    Happy birthday handsome!!! :D :D
  14. Jazzy

    Jazzy GRCH Dog

    Happy Birthday Cutie Patutie!!!!
  15. destinoscelgo

    destinoscelgo Good Dog

    Thanks guys =) Raj got to have some fun today (even though I was ripping my hair out) when my neighbor's cesspool overflowed (we share the property) into my side of the yard and when I let the dogs out...thinking it was rain...they were running through...well...you know >.< He enjoyed himself nonetheless...except the bath part lol
  16. Jazzy

    Jazzy GRCH Dog

    He probably thought that you sprinkled the yard with Birthday Potpourrie.
  17. destinoscelgo

    destinoscelgo Good Dog

    Lmao maybe you're right
  18. Team Peanut

    Team Peanut GRCH Dog

    Happy Birthday Raj!!!
  19. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    Late to the party.. Happy birthday Raj! Hope you enjoyed your romp today! ;)
  20. destinoscelgo

    destinoscelgo Good Dog

    Lol he did!

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