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Guess Jake will end up mine.

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by JakesMom5332, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. JakesMom5332

    JakesMom5332 Little Dog

    Sorry I haven't been around much lately. Kind of lost my login info. But, I'm here now!

    Just a quick update. My dh announced on my birthday that our relationship isn't that important to him and that his "friendship" with a fostermom (who's married) is more important to him. Now, this is a man who as an ex-felon with a murder conviction can't get employment, so I've been supporting him for 13 years. This fostermom has given him money, fish tanks and a car. She fills up his gas tank weekly for him. (Do we see a pattern here?) Needless to say, I think he saw the next rung in the ladder for himself.

    Because he has no job and no money he has elected to move out (with my encouragement) with a friend who has two maltese. Because of this Jake can't go with him. Quite frankly I don't think he would take proper care of Jake anyway, so I have agreed to keep him until this idiot somehow manages to get to a place where Jake can go.

    Jake was recently bit by a spider, which it turns out he is highly alergic to, and we almost lost him, so I am having to watch him pretty closely and make sure I keep the right meds on hand. This is one reason I am glad that Jake had to stay with me.

    The first few days where kind of tough on Jake, but he's settling into the new routine of no one being there to let him out whenever he wants. He doesn't seem to miss dad at all, until the idiot shows up unannounced says hi and throws the dogs out in the backyard. He then disappears without spending any time with Jake. This has obviously caused a some distress for my poor boy, but I think in time he will probably forget all about dad. What are your thoughts on this? We are still in the "Get your shit outta my house stage" so it seems every couple of days he pulls this stuff.

    I will be glad when all of his stuff is gone and he has no reason to come by and do this to Jake and me.

    Sorry so long, but just wanted to give those of you who care and idea of what is going on here in Indy.
  2. monkeys23

    monkeys23 GRCH Dog

    Well since he has no job and no money, I'm assuming all the vet care, food/toy/basic equipment reciepts are your name? Legally you already own him if that is the case!

    If he's on your vet account I would remove him and it wouldn't hurt to microchip the dog in your name.

    You could try being nice and asking if he'll sign Jake over to you, but it sounds like he's the kind of guy who isn't going to want to. I'd get all your documentation in line and work at proving your ownership because to be honest Jake will be a LOT safer with you.
  3. dalvers63

    dalvers63 Good Dog

    Sounds to me that you got the better end of this deal! You get Jake AND don't have to support someone who doesn't seem to care much about anyone other than himself.

    Change is always hard but you will both get through it. If you want to speed the process along I would suggest getting all of his stuff together for him and then setting up a time for him to come get it while you're home. Change the locks on the house so he can't just waltz in whenever he wants. If you start setting boundaries now it will be MUCH better in the future.

    Jake will adapt pretty quickly to the new schedule when it is just you and him.
  4. #1 stunner

    #1 stunner Good Dog

    Sorry to hear about your situation.

    I could really give you some good advice, but since you haven't asked, I'll just say glad that Jake will be with you, and for the dog's sake, as well as yours....You should be VERY happy!

    I would put a stop to it (the coming and going) like RIGHT NOW, for your own good and for the dog.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 15, 2012
  5. Ali132

    Ali132 Good Dog

    Why wouldn't you keep him...? Do you really think someone like him is capable of finding a good home for this dog?

    Tell him to get a moving truck and get his shit out and until then you will be changing the locks and he will not be allowed in the house. Pretty simple.
    My dog got over not being with my ex, and if the dog had no real attachment to him it will be even easier.
  6. JakesMom5332

    JakesMom5332 Little Dog

    There is no doubt that I would keep him. He deserves a much better life than this man could ever give him. Jake has a home with me, unless dad decides to take him. (Which I pray will never happen.)

    I would love to get his shit out right now, but there is no place to go with his aquariums and I won't let those fish die just because he's a jack as. The problem right now is that he has established residency because of a phone bill in his name. So, I've had to file for an eviction which will not go to court until 22nd and he will have to be out by the 27th. Because of how he's doing things I have told him to have everything he can take out this Thursday night. The locks have already been changed and the alarm code and password changed. So all has been done that can be to this point. (Unless anyone has any other ideas. lol)

    As far as the attachment. Jake is very attached to him. Because he didn't work, he was home with the dogs every day. There is no doubt that Jake loves him, but based on his actions of late, I don't think he really cares that much about Jake. I'm doing everything I can to make sure that Jake is having a blast with dad gone. Although they are cooped up in the house all day long, I am making sure that every evening is full of lots of fun and exercise.
  7. JakesMom5332

    JakesMom5332 Little Dog

    Jake is on my account. Unfortunately, he is already microchipped in his name.
    There is no way he is going to sign Jake over to me.
    I'm pretty darned sure he isn't going to find a place that will let Jake come. Remember his is having to live off the kindness of others (Or whomever he can con).
  8. MJJean

    MJJean GRCH Dog

    If it were me it would be a cold day in hell before he took the dog or the fish. He doesn't sound even remotely responsible and that would be the deciding factor.

    Still legally married? If so, I'd just log in to the chip company's web site and change the info to my name. If that won't work because you don't have the login info then file for divorce and ask for custody of the dog.

    If an attorney is too expensive for you right now you can file on your own for the cost of the papers and filing fees. I did my own divorce for $219 and one trip to buy and file the papers and one trip to court to go before the judge.
  9. JakesMom5332

    JakesMom5332 Little Dog

    Nope not still legally married. He got Jake after our divorce, after we reconciled a couple years back. Trust me this was one of those "Never saw it coming but sure get to watch it walk away." deals.

    He had me convinced he had gotten his shit together and even wrote a book that was published, started working with ex-felons and foster kids. But, now it does make sense, he just needed me to support him until he found his next free ride. Patient bastard almost 13 years of waiting for the next best thing.

    Trust me, I will be doing everything I can to make sure that Jake AND the fish stay right where they are. I really don't think he is going to pull it together to be able to take either of them any time soon. I am hoping to get out of Indy in the next couple years and go back home to KC. If they are still with me then, the fish can go back to the fish shop and Jake can come home with me.
  10. Ali132

    Ali132 Good Dog

    Jeez what a shitty situation.
    I would still lock his ass out and just look after the fish though ;)
    Is his new sugar momma going to be ok with him bringing them to her house?
  11. MJJean

    MJJean GRCH Dog

    This might sound silly, but poor fish! Moving is really hard on fish and I've had friends with huge, beautiful, tanks and expensive exotic fish die because of being moved. And dogs need stability and routine to feel secure. Not to mention vet care and proper food and a landlord that lets them stay..

    I hope they get to stay with you.

    I will say one thing, though, when me and the ex split up he got jack and shit. The pets went with me. Course, we had an understanding. He understood he was a fucking moron who couldn't be responsible for a rock and if he tried to take the pets from me I would remove a few more of his teeth..minimum. I think by the time he got the last of his stuff he was too scared to try, rofl.
  12. Kit

    Kit Good Dog

    When we got Nick, he was chipped in his previous owners name and they didn't sign him over. I contacted the microchip company. All I had to do, was provide something (vet bill, city license, etc) in my name, showing that I was caring for him.
  13. JakesMom5332

    JakesMom5332 Little Dog

    Thanks, good advice! I know my vet will be happy to help me out on this.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 16, 2012

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