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Gouda and the Meesh


Big Dog
Long time no see!

Gouda is the dog we're fostering. He's deaf so it can be hard to get good pictures of him. Him and Meesha... kind of get along. He loves her much more than she loves him. She really just tolerates his existence. It might be that him being deaf is frustrating and she doesn't want to deal with it. But he adores her... Poor guy haha

We'll start with Meesha...

Meesha's feelings about Gouda

And now the cheese head..

Thanks for looking!


Good Dog
Too cute! They both have gorgeous color! He reminds me of more staffy. They both look like they have some character.


<b><font color="green">Premium Member aka king_leo
Lol him and Steve can do deaf friends lol! They're both adorable!


<b><font color="green">Premium Member aka king_leo
I meant can be not can do hahaha! Steve is the same so fats he likes dogs and cats and of course ppl! Although he did try to chase a black cat in the dark hahah

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Big Dog
Thanks everyone! It has definitely been an adventure. I will be very happy when he gets adopted but I will miss his shenanigans.

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Big Dog
I'm really liking that cheesehead dog lol.

:-) He really starts to grow on you... we've been traveling off and on and another foster family has been babysitting and the husband has said that its harder to give him back each time. Haha