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goopy eyes


Big Dog
Hey guys!
Another health question. Sonya has always had a little bit of white discharge from her eyes every morning, but recently it really started to get much worse. I'm wiping the stuff off every couple of hours from both eyes and her eyes seem to be redder than usual.

The only thing I can think of is that I've gotten lazy with the salmon oil and also I have skipped a couple of hydroxizine pills in the evenings. I have stopped the zinc supplements, since I'm pretty sure that they didn't help much (unfortunately..) She is licking herself and her paws more now and they are very smelly and gross. Is another vet visit needed here or do you think it's just the allergies getting worse? If it's the allergies, I did get the go ahead to increase her hydroxizine intake from the vet. Do you think it could be an eye infection?

In terms of new foods, I did introduce fish... I can't imagine fish being a problem for her though.

I really need to get that appointment with the holistic vet soon. Maybe they can help with figuring out the cause of all this..

Also, do you think ACV would help? Would it be worth a try?

Thanks for your replies!!


Big Dog
I am no vet, but it sounds like my dog's eyes' allergies. I give benadryl, which I just had to increase the dosage on. I was dosing for her weight a few months ago, not realizing she's grown quite a bit. But the increased dose cleared her eyes right up again.


I know my dog (he is a blue dog) has eye boogers when he wakes up in the morning, like some BIG ones. I wipe them away, and throughout the day I wipe little boogers out of the corners of his eyes.
Nothing to crazy, but its a daily/hourly thing. I dont think he has an eye infection, they are just regular colored boogers. No green, or anything nasty in his eye.
I just think its part of him being a byb blue dog, I feel lucky this is the only thing he has wrong with him. Other than he gets yeasty and feeding ACV weekly and wiping him with it keeps that from popping up.
Maybe you could take some pictures of what the goop looks like?
Also for the problems on her feet, what does it smell like? Corn chips? That can be a yeast issue, and feeding ACV starting off at a small does and working your way up will put her Ph back in balance, also you can put ACV/water on a rag and wipe her paws, in between the toes and stuff to help sooth and spot the yeast. I do that with my dog when he has issues. Works like a dream.


Big Dog
Thanks, I'll give the ACV a try. Feels like that's the only thing I haven't tried yet with her. I do have medication for her feet, it's a human anti-fungal cream. It works well, but I don't like giving it because I always feel like she ingests a ton of it when licking when I'm not looking.

She's been very smelly recently. She smells from her eye boogers, her ears, her toes, and her mouth... And they're all different smells combined into one loveliness!


I'll try to find the article and post the link, but I heard that excessive eye boogers have to do with a dog's nutrition.


Big Dog
Apple cider vinegar. I think people recommend the one that's not filtered, with the "mother" or something.