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Good backpack for bulky breed?

Discussion in 'Products & Equipment' started by Nat Ursula, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    The trainer wants Teddy to start carrying out water bottles on our walks. They said to make sure we find one that fits his build. Does anyone have any recommendations? There is so much junk out there.

    Title should say bully breed!
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  2. leavesofjoy

    leavesofjoy Big Dog Premium Member

    It's funny, if you search for "dog backpack", most of the image results are bull breeds, yet it is really hard to find the right one!

    We have this one:

    Griffin wears a large for the frame, but we still use a medium for the pack part. The large frame is the right size for his big body (as of our last vet visit, he's a shocking 80 lbs!), but the large pack was too long and low and annoyed him. It fits him really well, even over his harness, and the pack comes off easily, but not too easily, for when we take breaks or he needs to cool down.

    They have a newer version of the pack, redesigned, but I checked it out in a store and was not impressed. It's a lot thinner material, and the saddlebags weren't as well designed. The angle on the one we have (old version) keeps the weight at his shoulders instead of further back.

    Also, do you know about Fit4aPit? They specialize in gear for beefy dogs.

    Thanks for reminding me to dig the pack out- we need to start working with it again for hiking season!

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  3. Capt. Roxy

    Capt. Roxy Good Dog Premium Member

    We use mole vest for working dogs here. It's water, heat, fire proof (not that we need all that) but it fits her the best and I like that I can attach what I want and it doubles as a harness and I usually have a bunch of patches on it to keep way too friendly strangers away. I used it a lot when she first got here mainly because people kept trying to pet her or introduce their dogs to her when she was clearly telling them to get away. You won't believe how many people think they know what is best and try to over step... I even once threatened a man I'd punch him in his face if he kept harassing us and trying to force pet my girl. *sigh*

    You can place the mole packs anywhere on the vest and if a really dumb person doesn't listen and or a loose dog comes at him your husband can easily lift him up with the vest. They are made to do air born jumps being strapped onto someone so it doesn't hurt them. If he likes swimming it'll be nice for him too. Go check out a military surplus store or any working dog place they have really high quality ones. Light weight-

    I did try a couple back packs from LL Bean and Ruffwear they were good too but they were either really big or really small.
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  4. Noah George

    Noah George Little Dog

    Ruffwear and Kurgo are good, solid brands, but you may want to see about whether you can get him sized to one in a store that has them in stock before purchasing.

    If you're willing to wait, Groundbird Gear is a small company that provides custom made harnesses and packs (you can pick the colors, provide exact measurements, and everything) that I've heard great things about. As said though, it would be custom ordered and custom made. It appears, however, that the owner is currently on maternity leave, so it may take longer than usual...
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