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Genetic Management Workshop Incentive

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by Institute of Canine Biology, Jun 27, 2018.

  1. By Carol Beuchat PhD
    We're eager to get started working with breeders that want to set up a Genetic Management Workshop.

    To help get things going with some breeds in the pipeline, we're offering a great deal to the early adopters.
    At ICB, we strongly believe that Knowledge is Power. So here's what we're offering.
    For the first 3 breeds that can commit with 30 participants, the participant fee ($200) will include one free ICB course of their choice. You will still need to meet the 50 participant threshold to launch your Workshop, but once you lock in one of the first three spots, all of the participants in the workshop when it starts will qualify for the free course. The fee for most of our courses is $125, so this is a great deal! You can check out what courses we offer HERE.
    When you have commitments for the first 30 participants, contact us and we will set up a payment site specifically for your group. Once a participant has paid, they can join any course even if it is scheduled to start before their Workshop begins.

    Don't miss out on this great deal for early adopters!
    We hope this helps to get things rolling, and it will give us an idea of what breeds to expect to work with first so we can get started organizing things at our end.
    Don't miss this chance to get a free course together with the Breed Management Workshop. Let's get started planning a better future for your breed!
    To lock in one of those top three spots, contact me at carol@instituteofcaninebiolog.org.

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