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General question for owners

Discussion in 'Bull Terrier Training' started by camosteve243, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. camosteve243

    camosteve243 Puppy

    Hey all, my first post here! here goes. I'm interested in getting a bully. my dad had a few before I was born and ever since I've put eyes on them I've fell in love with them, been reading some books and all that, went to a show where they had there own ring. so my questions include, whats the best way to find a litter, how do you pick out a good puppy and should I get a male or female? Are males harder to train? You could say I'm over my head with this all but I'm trying to find out as much as passable.

    Thanks ya'll
  2. Ickle Dexter

    Ickle Dexter Little Dog

    Dray will be along in a while to let you know
  3. pitgirl17

    pitgirl17 Welcome Waggin

    The place to start it to look at the type of pit you want
    EX. The American Pitbull Terrier
    The American Staffordshire Terrier
    The American Bully

    Then you need to find a breeder who breeds that type of dog to better the breed, not to make money. What does that breeder do with its dogs to show that they are worthy of breeding, and then look into that breeders lines.

    If you don't really care what type you get why not try a shelter. There are so many wonderful pits in shelters that need wonderful homes. Go find on that you like or have a connection with and play with it walk it and take it from there.

    Keep researching and asking questions and good luck!
  4. Bellaluna

    Bellaluna Puppy

    Go to the Bull Terrier Club of America's website. btca.com They have a list of reputable Bull Terrier breeders. With us, our breeder sort of picked Bella out for us! Go to shows, talk with as many breeders as you can. Make sure the breeder you pick shows their dogs, has all the health testing done, etc. In Ohio, I think the regional club is the Buckeye Club? You can check that at btca.com Hope it helps! You will love the bull terrier's personality so much! They truly are clowns : )
  5. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Administrator

    Ask Shon to give you access to the Bully forum. :)
  6. Dray

    Dray Bull Terrier Moderator

    Welcome to the forum:sonn_u11:
    Any reputable breeder will want to ask you far more questions than you ask them;) They should want to know exactly where their pup is going and what you plan to do with it, before they agree that you are indeed that "Special" person for such a "Special" breed of dog:D

    The only way you will truly know who offers what is to spend the time finding out what you don't want. That way your quest will be made so much easier. I appreciate that since the introduction of the net, yours and people like you are now faced with an ocean full of fish, but only some of them are worth catching. When you put in your hook, any one of them can jump on it;)
    You need to be fully at ease with the breeder that you choose. That way any problems you might have, will be easily dealt with....... by way of an excellent after sales service. Not many buyers understand that the breeder has an obligation to provide you with a well balanced, healthy Bull Terrier and any breeder worth his weight in gold, should welcome constant contact from all new owners, as after all, you are looking after their bloodlines, so to speak.
    If you require more information then please ask, if i can't help you i'm sure there is plenty on here that can:sonn_u11:
    I am assuming it is a Bull Terrier that you are discussing and not an APBT or Am Staff or maybe even a Am Bull ?
    There is many lkinks on my web site including the Bull Terrier Club of America, there is also lots of info with regar to health and training. Please feel free to have a look.


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    Everything you read is not always true, so you have to read an awful lot to make up your own mind. The following link has a lot of good information, not so keen on the word English when describing the Bull Terrier but still a very good read:cool:


  7. camosteve243

    camosteve243 Puppy


    Thanks for the info, It helps to hear from people who have done this before. I think I only have a few more questions and then who knows what.

    1st, Is there any difference in owning/training a male over a female? do males have more character?

    2nd, what would be a good price range for a bull terrier (as a pet) In my search I've seen them as low as 700 and as high as 3,000.
  8. Dray

    Dray Bull Terrier Moderator

    I hapen to find Males are so much easier to own/train.
    All Bullies have Character and all so different, in their own way;)

    Money should not be the issue. Finding the right breeder, who breeds everything that you are after. You should have 100& trust in the seller and also be able to feel that at anytime, day or night, the breeder will be there for you, to answer questions etc.etc.:sonn_u11:
  9. xchairity_casex

    xchairity_casex Good Dog

    i know just how your feeling! I fially got my own Bull Terrier a month ago and im loving it! first what you should do is think over your lifestyle and be honest are you an energetic person who loves to move or are you a couch potato who doesnt get out much? think back on the dogs or pets youve had in the past did you find the energetic ones easier or just frustrating? was your favorite pet one that was laid back and mellow? theese are import things to know becuase you will have to let the breeder know what you want or need in a dog. if your not high energy you shouldnt get stuck with the highest energy pup in the littter! also although i havent had my boy long what i would suggest is dont go into this looking for a specific gender. like me i originaly wanted a female and had actually boug a few girly things for a female but when i went to pick my little boy was exactly the type of pup i wanted he was the mellowest and easy going just what i was looking for so instead of taking a female that would have been really hard for me (they were either quite hyper or very shy) i took my boy. also another tip if you want a mellow laid back pup and the breeder says here this ones not hyper or high energy make sure it isnt the shy one in the groupsure the shy one isnt hyper but you can have just as many problems watch his bounce back if it takes him long to recover from a new situation or a loud noise he will need lots of patient training. of which you may not be able to handle.

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