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GA: Two retired show dogs - AmStaff

Discussion in 'AST Rescue' started by SouthernThistle, May 23, 2011.

  1. SouthernThistle

    SouthernThistle Good Dog

    Dropped our dog off for surgery this morning at the Vet's office, and I saw these dogs posted. I have met one of them in person.

    UKC: UWP GRCH 'PR' True's Gotta Gun Too
    DNA-VIP, OFA Cardiac, Penn Hip .39/.42
    ** will be neutered prior to or agreement to neuter reached between both parties **
    D.O.B. May 2003
    Color: Flashy fawn

    Under no fault of his own is "Gauge" up for adoption to a responsible home (seriously interested persons can PM me for specifics.) "Gauge" is located in the Atlanta, Georgia area. He is housetrained and kennel trained. He gets along with children and adults; however, he does not get along with other male dogs. He is out of Powerhouse Kennel's "JR" (Int'l CH, CH 'PR' Powerhouse's Young Gun ) and Boca Kennels' "Nina" (GRCH 'PR' Boca's True To My Nina.)


    UKC: GRCH 'PR' Boca's True To My Nina
    DNA-P, CGC, OFA Good, OFA Cardiac, OFA Patella, vWF 104%
    ** will be spayed prior to or agreement to spay reached between both parties **
    D.O.B. (I don't know the month) 2000/1999 (she is 11 y/o)
    Color: White with fawn patches

    Under no fault of her own is "Nina" up for adoption to a responsible home (seriously interested persons can PM me for specifics.) "Nina" is located in the Atlanta, Georgia area. She is housetrained and kennel trained. She gets along with children and adults; however, she must be a SINGLE DOG. She is out of GRCH 'PR' Gemini's Atlas Sharp As An Arrow and Ch Piton's Little Girl Boca, CGC, OFA-Good.


    Both dogs are located in Atlanta, Georgia. I will pass along the contact information for the person who is helping with the placement of both dogs. Both dogs are 100% healthy, and there is nothing physically nor mentally wrong with them. They just happen to be getting the short end of the deal. I am not the owner of these dogs but have been given permission to post.

    Serious and responsible AmStaff homes only.

    PM me or e-mail me at 3balcustoms@gmail.com

    Attached Files:

  2. Mrs Jackson

    Mrs Jackson Puppy

    Is True Kennels placing them? Does Nina's breeder know she is up for adoption?
  3. SouthernThistle

    SouthernThistle Good Dog

    They are not owned by True Kennels (PM for additional information as was provided to me.)

    I don't know if Nina's breeder has been contacted. I attempted to find "Boca Kennels" online, but it just pointed me to a shutdown Geocities website.

    I sent an e-mail to True Kennels this morning informing them of Gauge and Nina as soon as I saw their fliers.
  4. showdawgs

    showdawgs Little Dog

    Southern Thistle, I know both parties of the old true kennels and spoke to one just 5 minutes ago, please contact me as they are not happy with this, Nina is 11 years old and doesn't need this. They want me to exchange phone #'s with you. Pm please your # and I will exchange info and contact you. Thanks for the heads up, and the other party appreciates it also.

    P.S. They are NOT Amstaffs, they are registered UKC only APBT's. :)
  5. SouthernThistle

    SouthernThistle Good Dog

    I realize they are UKC registered as APBTs; however, they are of AmStaff type which is why I posted them in the AmStaff section. I sent you an e-mail; however, I woke up this morning (after a battle with sinuses and bronchitis) to laryngitis and zero voice. I have met "True Kennels" before (went to his house last year) and sent both he and Nina's breeder an e-mail, a message on Facebook, and left voicemails, but I hadn't heard back from either one.
  6. cliffdog

    cliffdog Good Dog

    I don't care what they're reg'd as, they are AmStaffs. That said, I wish I could take them... I'll pass on the word to anybody I know could take care of them responsibly.
  7. kady05

    kady05 Krypto Super Dog

    Can you text? Because I know showdawgs can ;)
  8. showdawgs

    showdawgs Little Dog

    Well yes they have amstaff back 8 or so gemerations back, but so did GRCH Boogieman and many others....doesn't make him or them an Amstaff either. AKC would not and will not accept those dogs, yes they are not the game bred APBT, but UKC show dogs not your old style bulldog, this I can accept. :)

    If you want to discuss, not argue this farther lets change forum boards , first off lets see if we can assist these dogs, breeders, to NOT go to the KILL shelter.

    Thanks ST for the email!!!
  9. Cynthia

    Cynthia Good Dog

    That is sad that the Kennel that owns them does not want them anymore. That irriates me when owners do this type of thing when they have no use for the dog anymore.
  10. SouthernThistle

    SouthernThistle Good Dog

    I'm not willing nor wanting to argue. I put the dogs here because they are not APBT (as I was told by several people on this forum,) and I know that both kennels are involved in the AmStaff world as well. You know - breeders helping breeders and all of that junk.

    I have my voice back, and I never heard back from the original kennels so I have no idea what's going on. I left two phone messages, sent e-mails, sent Facebook messages, and I sent a letter to each of them last week. *shrugs* Don't know what the deal is, but I hope the dogs got a home somewhere.
  11. showdawgs

    showdawgs Little Dog

    Well True Kennels is does not deal with AMstaffs at all, but neither here nor there. :) ST if we can find a way to get them, I will take them and foster them, how sad that neither has replied to our emails, texts, or calls. Good breeders my ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

    ST can you get with the clinic and see if she get them? You have my email, and thanks for the update.
  12. Beth L

    Beth L Little Dog

    just talked to Rolando and he has been trying to contact Amy about this siguation.
    Amy is not responding.

    He is not sure what can be done at this point.
  13. kady05

    kady05 Krypto Super Dog

    These poor dogs.. I can't believe their breeder isn't stepping up for them!
  14. showdawgs

    showdawgs Little Dog

    Someone needs her @@@ @@@@@@... lol Figures she wouldn't respond, still I will take them if need be.

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