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Future SAR dog?

Discussion in 'Bull Terrier Training' started by aprotopo, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. aprotopo

    aprotopo Big Dog

    Hi all!
    I just wanted to brag a little :cool: I went to see a trainer today who runs a search and rescue company (and also does bomb detection, canker detection, and bedbug detection). My friend evaluated her Mal and I got interested so I had him look at Sonya as well. When he was evaluating the Mal, he was saying that a perfect dog for the job is one who works independently and is very toy driven. This seemed to be a description of Sonya (i.e. stubborn, doesn't care about me, and will kill for some time on the flirt pole), so I had him look at her. And she didn't disappoint. She went all crazy on him for the toy and even drew blood as she was holding on to the toy and he had a finger in there somewhere (I was glad he took that as an indication of her drive and not her general obnoxiousness). At one point, he even showed her off to a colleague by having her hang on to a towel while he was swinging her around in the air. Anyways, who would have thought that her obnoxiousness was going to make me proud one day?

    The trainer showed me some exercises to do on my own to get her to start using her nose more, but overall he was pleased I think. I'll probably never do real SAR work, but it could be fun just as a sport.

    Also, I just passed an advanced obedience class with her and will start training for novice obedience in a few weeks! Oh the money I waste on this dog...

    Here she is, we went to a nearby spring after training.
  2. xchairity_casex

    xchairity_casex Good Dog

    awsome! youll have to get some video of her in action!
    sounds like it would be alot of fun!
  3. My pit is Sasha

    My pit is Sasha Good Dog

    There are a few bullies doing SAR work if I remember correctly. The fact that they can be set to task and won't let things like barbed wire, broken glass, etc. stop them is one of the things that makes them good at the work. Whether you ever do SAR work or not SAR type training is absolutely fantastic for exercising the dog's mind. Finding whatever they are sent after become their job and as the saying goes a happy dog is a tired dog. Wear them out on search training, heap praise on them for completing their task, and you'll have one happy pooch.
  4. aprotopo

    aprotopo Big Dog

    Thanks guys! I am quite excited about it. I tried to begin playing some games yesterday by hiding her toy behind trees and asking her to find them. So far, she really is not used to having me ask her to do things on her own, so she just looks at me like, yeah mom, go find it and give it to me so we can play! But hopefully, she'll get into it at some point!
  5. My pit is Sasha

    My pit is Sasha Good Dog

    Find it is a great game, very good mental workout for a dog. Rather than toys initially you might want to try treats. Haven't done it much here but at the old place I used to park Sasha on the front steps, tell her to stay, go around the side of the house where she couldn't see me and hide treats in the yard then go back and set her loose on finding them.

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