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From black to liver?


Little Dog
My female Staffy was born with a black nose. She is CKC registered, so she is a purebred dog, but over the years her nose has slowly changed and is now predominantly liver in colour. The edges of her nose are still black, but the middle is all a light liver colour. Her eyes are also a dark brown and her lips are black... it is just the nose that has slowly changed colour.

Is it normal for a dog with a liver coloured nose to start out with a black nose? I had always thought that they were born with a liver coloured nose...

I have also not often seen a dog with a liver AND black nose. It's usually one colour or the other.


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Little Dog
That's it! That is exactly what her nose looks like.

I have never heard of snow nose before. It has slowly been growing in size since was probably 1 year old. She is now 3.

I am going to keep an eye on it this summer and see if it decreases in size at all? Although, I suspect this will be a permanent thing with her.

In terms of the breed standard, how would that affect her? She is by no means a show dog, nor do I have any intention of showing her. I prefer working with her in sports, but I had always assumed that she would be an automatic DQ because I thought the colour was liver. Would 'snow nose' be an automatic DQ?

Whoops, I forgot to delete the puppy pic of her in the previous post. >_<


Good Dog
Super Moderator
My male has had it since about 6 months old and it doesn't change, regardless of season/temperature, food dish, etc.

I don't think it would be a DQ, but I'll let others elaborate on that, because I'm not sure.