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Fox's Alvin

Discussion in 'History Pictures & Reports' started by Vicki, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator



    Back in the old days in the early 1970's. I fought my Alvin dog, known as 'Alivn the dog' at Alvin kephardt. I beat a brother to the famous Hank dog. His next fight was against Danny Burton. I beat his dog in two hours and twenty three minutes. Alvin laid on his side in a special room I had fixed up for pitdogs looking death in the eye for twelve days after the fight. I fed him broth each day with a teaspoon. Trickling it down his throat until he would strangle. He was hooked to IV'S replacing his body fluids and was given antibiotics daily. He smelled like rotting flesh. I moved his limbs around daily. He would moan in pain. On the 12th day he stood up and was looking me in the eye wagging his tail. I said you ok boy. He just wagged that tail even harder. He recovered and lived several years after that but later died with cancer. Probably from the steroids I gave him. I swore during those twelve days I'd never fight another dog. I ask myself what kind of man can do that to a dog. I ask Mayfield years ago. Did seeing them get hurt bother him. He said, only if they don't get well so they could fight them again.

    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]Earl Tudor who was at pitside said Alvin was the best dog he had seen in 40 years and Danny Burton's dog was a good second. Cecil Pond who is a fine man refereed that fight. He said the same thing about Alvin that Earl Tudor said but added he had only seen one other fight that had pitdogs of that quality and he saw lots of fights. I was in my back yard playing with Alvin one day when my wife yelled for me to take the trash around to the side of the house before th trashmen came. She handed me a sack of trash. I opened the gate to the backyard and let Alvin go with me. As we got to the trash container a cat flew out of it and headed across the street. Alvin right on his heels. I chased them to a house with the garage door open across the street and down one house. The cat ran up the built in ladder that went to the attic and the door was gone to the attic so the cat was up in the attic. Alvins front half was in the attic as I grabbed him by one hind leg. I pulled him down to me grabbed him in my arms and walked straight for my house not looking back. I could visualize people looking at me out of the window even though I kept my eyes forward. I thought about it later.What if he'd got into the attic and fell through the ceiling killing the cat as he fell to the living room. Boy would I have had lots of explaining to do. I was very lucky the way it runed out. [/FONT]

  2. redsub91

    redsub91 Puppy

    here's a photo of fox's alvin the dog


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