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For the Non Believers

Discussion in 'American Bully' started by GME, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. xgarrettxvx

    xgarrettxvx Big Dog

    i actually just watched a video on youtube of a RE/Gotti dog doing protection work, did a fine fine job to. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rR2kr_B04QI"]YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]
  2. GME

    GME Little Dog

    Contrary to what most want to believe, there are a lot of very workable dogs in the bully world... Im not denying the fact that there are fat, sloppily bred dogs, but there are also terrific working dogs as well.
  3. sugarbabii363

    sugarbabii363 Big Dog

    There are some amazing dogs in the bully world, I have met a couple myself. Not anything big that people would know, not bred or anything but amazing dogs, in anything they do. But the majority of bullies that are in the public eye (when you type up pit bull kennel) are not good examples, and most definitely are poorly bred mutts. Them ones are the problem.
  4. GME

    GME Little Dog

    AHA! For once you and I see eye to eye on something! I will not dispute this one bit because this is 100% true! I am working hard to make sure that I work in a positive direction and will be very selective with breeding and selection. I want to move away from the "fat curs" and "mutts" that is what the majority of the public sees and show that there are some very breed worthy dogs out there.
  5. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    Oh sorry, GME, I thought you said "we" even have our dogs do catch work.
  6. GME

    GME Little Dog

    Ohhh nah... Im a city boy! LOL... but if you watch Gottilines "West Side Story" DVD, they have some of the OG Greyline dogs doing hog catching and stuff... IDK much about that stuff, im more into real world personal protection
  7. Gatorpit

    Gatorpit Good Dog

    Hey all...I didn'r read every post here, but I have noticed the same argument over and over.

    That argument is that Amstaffs and APBTs are two seperate breeds, and that this means Ambullies are mutts.

    To an extant, they are two seperate breeds...theoretically.

    Amstaffs being bred away from the working roots to emphasize physical aspects for the past 70 years.

    However, seeing as how many "good" breeders register the same dogs as Amstaffs with the AKC as well as register them with the UKC (and sometimes the ADBA) as APBTs kinda blurs the line.

    The same dog might be winning titles in the AKC as an Amstaff and in the UKC as an APBT at the same time.

    The AKC and the UKC have similar standards and prefferences for a heavier build and bone, so dogs that can win as an AKC Amstaf will do well as a UKC APBT...but would ahve to be conditioned rigorously to have a chance at placing in the ADBA.

    Point is....if the breeders themselves are using both registries and both breed names...they kinda aren't really different breeds...therefore if an Ambully was made by crossing only these two "breeds"...it isn't really a "mutt" as those crosses are made all the time in the APBT/Amstaff world.

    I beleive the Ambully IS a seperate breed from both...I really don't care what went into the breed to form it. I wish breeders and fanciers of these dogs would quit using the name "pit bull" and call it what it is...it's own seperate breed.

    When I get mine, and people ask what he is, I will proudly tell them "He is an American Bully". And then when they ask "A what now?" I will briefly explain to them how this breed descended from the APBT and Amstaff.
  8. GME

    GME Little Dog

    THANK GOD! Someone can actually put animosity aside to thoroughly think about this

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