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For the members that believe is pure genetics, would you feel comfortable leaving

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by R & B, May 23, 2008.

  1. R & B

    R & B Little Dog

    your genetically sound dog alone with a child all day? From this point of view a nonHA will never bite nor do harm. Ex's I've read are dogs have been beaten, neglected, mistreated and yet still will not bite. They crave human attn.

    Whoops, title should say "that believe HA is pure genetics"
    Last edited by a moderator: May 23, 2008
  2. Teal

    Teal Krypto Super Dog Premium Member

    No. Not because I don't trust the dog... but because I don't trust the kid!

    Isn't it illegal to leave kids under a certain age unattended anyways? LOL

    I don't think a non-HA dog will NEVER bite. I think a non-HA dog would have to be pushed to the limit and seriously fear for their own life or the life of their people before they'd consider biting, and would probably look like they did something really wrong afterwards.

    If I left my child and one or more of my dogs alone together... they would eat my house! My dogs want to PLAY with my child, and they are rough players. They could unintentionally hurt him, and he has hurt them a few times by tugging on them/poking them in the eyes before I can grab his hands. Left alone together, they'd mutilate my house and probably the neighbour's house LOL

    ETA: In some countries, dogs ARE the babysitters. Children are left in the care of dogs, and do perfectly fine! What is taboo in one place, is perfectly normal in another :)
  3. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Staff Member Administrator

    No one should leave any breed of dog alone with a child.
  4. R & B

    R & B Little Dog

    This is a hypothetical question. I sure hope no one does. But since you made that statement can you give me your reasons? I personally think anything can happen but from the perspective of the people that believe "these sound genetically nonHA dogs" will not harm, meaning hurt, what is your answer?

    Hypothetically in a room with nothing else.
  5. Zoe

    Zoe GRCH Dog

    Personally, I would feel fine leaving my kids alone with my dogs. If my dogs were not THAT rock solid, they wouldn't be in my house. Not that I would ever do it, as I feel it is irresponsible, but I honestly wouldn't be worried.
  6. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    Nope, even if I thought the dog would never bite, I know how "evil" little kids can be, and I wouldn't want it to hurt my dog while I wasn't there. It wouldn't be that I thought the dog would hurt the kid, but that the kid would hurt the dog.
  7. tat2stuff

    tat2stuff Good Dog

    not even in a Hypothetical room would I leave a young child and dog alone. Regardless of how sound that dog is, it's not a chance anyone should take. I'm pretty sure you could be brought up on criminal charges for something like that too.
  8. CarlyB

    CarlyB Good Dog

    No for me. It's not that I don't trust my dogs but you just never know.
  9. Galadriel

    Galadriel Good Dog

    The safety issue with leaving kids alone with dogs isn't always an aggression issue. Our dog loves the kids, but she has hurt them. She's done so by bailing over the baby gate at 100 miles an hour when they're standing on the other side, by running into them when she has zoomies and they get in the way, and by whacking them in the face with her happy tail overdrive. If they were seriously hurt when something like that happens, I need to be there to take care of them. My kids also do really stupid stuff when they get bored...they're 2 and 4, comes with the territory. In this house, they all need to be supervised for their protection ;)
  10. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Staff Member Administrator

    Depending on how old the kid is, it could be against the law.

    A sound dog can still play very rough.

    Your "herding" breed, will herd and nip while doing it.

    And dogs are not babysitters
  11. Zoe

    Zoe GRCH Dog

    No doubt! Even with adults, I always tell them that they are "use at your own risk" not that they would purposely hurt you, but my dogs are very high drive, catchweight and in their excitement can often forget their manners. Luckily, for whatever reason, they are extra careful with the kids. They won't even take a treat from the kids unless I say it is ok, and even Tank, whose a big galoot, has come barrelling through the house, noticed Raven, and somehow found the grace to jump over her, scaring me and impressing me all in one graceful leap! lol
  12. Starla'smom

    Starla'smom Puppy

    Thought you all might get a kick out of this picture...its of my grandfather as a baby and his "babysitter" in Poland...and this truly was his "babysitter":D

    Attached Files:

  13. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    Awesome! I love that picture!
    OT: I am of Polish decent as well (50%).
  14. AnnieC

    AnnieC Good Dog

    Its already been said, but I won't leave any dog supervised with a child. I don't care the size/breed of dog or the age of the child.
  15. fearlessknight

    fearlessknight Good Dog

    I do not and am a firm believer that NO dog should left ALONE with ANY child.....EVER!
    It goes against everything I believe in.....dogs and children should never be left alone together, no matter how trusting, reliable, honest, care-free, dependable, "I know my dog", calm, cool the dog is, may be, or you think.....EVER!

    NO breed, NO dog, NO child....
    Last edited: May 24, 2008
  16. DieselDawg

    DieselDawg Good Dog

    We still have not mapped out a full DNA map of a dog. Genetics are NOT absolute. Just as I would not leave a child alone by itself, I would not leave a dog and child alone.
  17. Rai_77

    Rai_77 Good Dog

    Second this.
  18. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Staff Member Administrator

    that's a great picture!:)
  19. Rai_77

    Rai_77 Good Dog

    You know, after I agreed with FK (which I still do), I went to sleep and thought of something else.

    Bites are not always indicitive of HA, so even if a dog isn't HA, doesn't mean it won't bite.

    Going back to the bone thing I talked about in another thread...my son was bitten by my female pulling meat off a bone. His finger was in the wrong place, she wasn't even snapping at the bone or anything, just pulling meat off, and caught the side of his finger by his nail bed.

    So, I don't believe that a genetically sound dog will never bite. I do believe that it will never bite with intent to harm, however. And this is why I wouldn't leave a dog alone with kids, ever.
  20. CelticKarma

    CelticKarma Good Dog

    Hypothetical answer......I do not have small children but if I did I would trust my dog more then some humans I know.

    Now for an honest not hypothetical answer.

    There is not a mammal on the face of this earth that is not capable of harm. I do not believe HA is genetic, this is only my opinion and I know others here think different. I believe that a dog is what you make him/her regardless of the breed. Does that mean that if I raise my dog right that he will never bite? I don't think so. I am sure there are parents that raised their children right and they grew up to be child molesters or killers not because of genetics but because they had free choice. First off I would never leave my kids with a poodle all day or any breed for that matter. As a matter fact when my children were small they never were left with anyone except my mother.

    What is the difference between a bite from an APBT and a poodle? One is bigger then the other, one is more powerful then the other and poodle bites do not get the same media coverage as a APBT bites, I am sure if small dogs such as poodles and yorkies and such had the media coverage as APBT had people would be shocked.

    I tell you what I do trust.... I trust that my APBT will protect me if my husband is out of town and if not my .45 will. I trust that when I am in a bad mood I will always have a wagging tale to cheer me up, I trust that I will have many years of love and compassion from my APBT can't say that about many humans I know.

    The simple answer to your question is this..... You can never 100% trust anything or anyone for that matter in certain circumstances. There are a lot of things I do not trust. I do not trust driving without my seat belt but that will not keep me from driving. I do not trust that a person will not rape me when I am on a morning walk in the park but it does not mean I will not take that walk, it just means I will use common since and make wise choices.......

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