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Hey guys, just wanted everyones opinion on the food that they feed their bull terriers. Right now i am feeding Odin eucaneba puppy food. This is what the breeder recommended, but would love some recommendations.
Thanks in advance


Banned Back Yard Breeder
Since bull terriers tend to have food allergies, and stuff like that, I would suggest a better food without corn. If you have a feed store near by you can get these at cheap prices.

Chick soup for the puppy lovers soul
taste of the wild* (best to feed)
diamond naturals
natural balance

anything natural, holistic, with several sources of meat are the best. I feed Enhance professional athlete and supplement with vitamins and raw meat.

We need pictures of your dog pleeeeaaze!


After getting wrapped up cause a couple of his nails broke



Im going to try the taste of the wild food, there is a place that sells it by me so i will be trying it soon, thank you for the input


Little Dog
I gave him the "happy dog puppy medium". then the "happy dog junior medium "
now he gets bosch fish&potatoe.

Rogue Bullies

Good Dog
IMO a raw diet is the best you can feed. However that's not a good option for a lot of people including me.

I feed my APBT and bull terrier taste of the wild. Its a high quality grain free food and my dogs love it and do well on it. The bision kind is the best and its there favorite!

I just recently decreased the amout of food that I was feeding to my dogs on TOTW. Because it is a grain free food and has such high protein levels they don't need to eat as much. Even the back of the bag gave me the wrong amout to feed (way to much!). My dogs are sliming back down, but becareful about the amout you give them.

Good luck!


Little Dog
I feed mne 50% cooked beef or chicken, 25% brown rice, 25% green beans, every once in a while I'll put cottage cheese in there.


Banned Back Yard Breeder
Better to feed it raw fuego, than to cook it. You might want to try raw, it cleans there teeth. Taste of the wild is a great food! I want to see pics of the brindle and white one too.

Mollie's Nana

Krypto Super Dog
Staff member
Of course, since it's what mine eat, I really like Taste of The Wild... Orijen, Merrick or Wellness Core would be my next recommendations... Adorable pup! :)


Little Dog
I feed totally raw. Lots of chicken wings, breast of lamb etc...raw eggs too. Give him cooked veg whenever I have any, plus supplements of Flaxseed Oil, Omega rich fish oil and a multi vit tab too. Also a probiotic yoghurt every day.
I highly recommend K9 Puppy Gold, Carnivore Cookies and Blue Buffalo dry food. I rescued a very malnutritioned/abused 4 week old puppy. It was so bad he had no extra puppy skin/wrinkles. The combination worked amazing! My puppy is now 20 weeks old he has tons of extra skin/wrinkles, his coat has thickened, paws have grown, etc.

The K9 Puppy Gold is made of human grade natural ingredients that promote the growth of healthy muscle. It is kind of like a protein shake/milk formula for dogs. When I asked some questions it was recommended that I use K9 Puppy Gold for the first year then switch to K9 Super Fuel. I just make a mixture (per directions) with water to make a yogurt type consistency then add dry food. It seems to work better if you use hot water and stir it for a minute after you put the dry food in.

The Carnivore Cookies are like a power bar for dogs. You can give them as a treat or after a workout. I also crumble one over the food mixture that i make for my pup because he loves them.

The best deal that I have found on the products is at: http://shop.k9power.com/
On the left side of the page below "Shop By Products" click on "Combo Packs- Save $$". You can buy the K9 Puppy Gold & Carnivore Cookies in a combo pack with free shipping (this distributor is cheaper than manufacturer website). My products always arrive timely and correct. I like that you can use PayPal on this site too. This site also offers other great animal products.
I checked out this site and was disgusted over the abuse.
She looks wonderful in the end. I just wonder what kind of health problems she now faces from the abusive neglect? Does anyone know?

My Axle was abused/neglected/malnutritioned when I found him and I am hoping that I got him soon enough that it will not effect him in the long run. I found him at 4 weeks old. He has grown and looks way healthier now. He has a few eating issues still. He doesn't like to eat if other animals are around & loud noises. I feed him a protein mix with blue buffalo dry food in the morning and blue buffalo dry food, an egg and yogurt mix at night...I also leave a bowl of dry food out for him during the day for him to snack on.

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The protein mix is the K9 Puppy Gold.

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He has gained but is not fat. I guess I am just wondering about future problems and if I shoudl be feeding something else?