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FL: Florida: HB 543/SB 1276 is dead

Discussion in 'Breed Specific Legislation' started by StopBSL.com, May 8, 2010.

  1. StopBSL.com

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    Florida: HB 543/SB 1276 is dead
    Posted on May 8, 2010 by Stop BSL

    Florida HB 543/SB 1276, which would have allowed municipalities in Florida to pass BSL as they pleased, has died in committee.

    This leaves in place the current Florida state law, which prohibits municipalities from passing BSL.

    Thanks to everyone who wrote the committee members and state representatives and asked them to oppose this bill.

    Previous alerts for Florida HB 543/SB 1276: Search Results 1276 Stop BSL

    Tracking page for SB 1276: http://www.flsenate.gov/session/ind...ID=JumpToBox&SubMenu=1&Year=2010&billnum=1276

    Tracking page for HB 543: HB 543 - Dangerous Dogs

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  2. ShakaZ

    ShakaZ Good Dog

    Victory is Mine.
  3. KA3PIT

    KA3PIT Puppy

    Awesome !!!!!!!!
  4. Good News!
  5. Eva

    Eva Puppy

    That is Awesome, i thought i was going to have to move.
  6. NanasJuno

    NanasJuno Puppy

  7. Desert Rose

    Desert Rose Puppy

    Ding dong the wicked witch is dead!!!

    Thanks 2 everyone in FL for their efforts in keeping BSL out of our state. I am thrilled the bill died in process!!! This news definitely made my & my pit's week.
  8. jadedpitgirl

    jadedpitgirl Puppy

    yes, even if you don't live in Florida, thank you for the support you have all shown. this is awesome news for every owner in Florida! thanks again to everyone who helped =)

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