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Flirt Pole

Discussion in 'Do-It-Yourself' started by pitbullsareteddies, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. pitbullsareteddies

    pitbullsareteddies Big Dog Premium Member

    Flirt Poles are a great way to exercise your dogs of any breed. Most dogs with even a minute amount of prey drive will enjoy chasing a flirt pole, and it can tire a dog out fairly quickly. Flirt Poles work on a dog's eye/mouth coordination, which is great for several different dog sports.

    Flirt Poles can be made several ways, as cheap and simple as you like.

    My personal favorite is combining a horse lunge whip and some sort of bait.. from a piece of hide to a tennis ball with a hole cut in it. Some dogs will even chase a flirt pole without any bait at all. ^^

    Another method is a wooden broomstick or similar, and a piece of rope. Make a hole at the end of the stick, and tie the rope on the end. Then add the bait, and you're done.

    Some people use fishing poles as well. Feel free to try it.. but I like actually fishing with my poles, thanks! :P

    A few pointers for actually using the pole:

    -start slow.. out of shape dogs can tear ligaments and sprain joints if you go too hard, too fast. Start off with the bait kept on the ground, in slow, easy patterns, where your dog isn't whipping around at top speed. The idea is to have your dog chase the bait.. don't hit them in the face with it. If they aren't interested, try changing the bait!

    -when your dog grabs the bait, don't try to reel him in like a fish. This is a great way to break your pole pretty quickly. Keep the pole in line from your wrist to the bait/your dog, and then have him release it. (if you can!) Don't use the pole as a tug toy!

    -puppies love flirt poles, but just like an out of shape dog, too much stress on their joint from fast stops and whirls can cause problems down the road. Same goes for making them jump for the bait.. wait till they're older to get pretty!

    -always put the flirt pole away with your dog wanting more.. keep it fun, and let him win the bait sometimes!

    -types of bait: tennis balls, pieces of fabric or jute, regular toys, animal hide.. get creative, but keep in mind that the heavier the bait, the harder it is to avoid your dog's jaws.

    Have fun! Pictures of pole set ups welcome.. as well as videos of their use!
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 3, 2010

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