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Little Dog
Does anyone have any advice as far as keeping fleas off the dog? I feel like I've tried just about everything. Max stays inside most of the time during the summer just because it's hotter than the Devil's cornhole outside. He still manages to get some fleas though, and I feel so bad for him but I can't continue putting medicine on him or give him flea baths. His flea collar doesn't seem to be doing anything. I'm running out of ideas.


MS Bites, My Dog Didn't
Staff member
Personally, I find flea collars useless - not sure what topicals you use.

We live in an area with almost year-around flea 'issues', and have found the oral flea med 'Comfortis' very useful. It is available through veterinarians. Is it cheap? No. But it is effective, and that's what matters.


Big Dog
I just gave Sonya a pill that has comfortis together with heartworm medicine in one. It seems to work well, no fleas so far! Sonya doesn't go outside much now either, but I'm sure that I bring tons of fleas home from the shelter dogs that I work with... Maybe you're also bringing home fleas from work, outside plants, or a friend's pet?


Little Dog
I'm gonna have to agree on the useless comment in regards to flea collars. I don't think this thing does anything. I'll have to check out the pill you're talking about.

Aprotopo, what pill is it that you're using?


Good Dog
Staff member
I also use comfortis on my hunting dogs, they are exposed to fleas all the time. It's done a good job for me. The comfortis does cost more per dose but in the long run I think it is more economical for me to use it than something else. I was using topicals for a while but I'd use the topical, go out and hunt and a couple days later notice a flea or two. Not time for more topical yet so out comes the flea spray. Go hunt again and get reinfested. More flea spray. And oh by the way with fleas come tapeworms so maybe I notice the little wiggling grains of rice when I'm cleaning kennels so now I have to treat for those too. Blah. Comfortis has been worth it just to save me the pain in the neck.