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first heat

Discussion in 'Bull Terrier' started by buffmaxwell, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. buffmaxwell

    buffmaxwell Little Dog

    hey guys i was just wondering when i could expect for mila to have her first heat. i know bull terriers are slowly maturing dogs, but i think she is almost ten months old. is this normal?
  2. destinoscelgo

    destinoscelgo Good Dog

    I believe they can go into heat any time between 6 months to a year. It all depends on the dog
  3. crazybully

    crazybully Little Dog

    some dogs it's slower, it's individual really, often times it's got a lot to do with diet as well, I know a few people that haven't had heats with theirs till around 14-16 mos raw fed. and their kibble fed counterparts are going into their first heat at 10-12mos.
  4. destinoscelgo

    destinoscelgo Good Dog

    Talk about a crazy difference.
  5. Mrpedigree

    Mrpedigree Big Dog

    Why not ask Hucklebutt ...shes an expert on first heats :D
  6. crazybully

    crazybully Little Dog

  7. Hucklebutt

    Hucklebutt Banned Back Yard Breeder

    if you need advice on how to be a douche bag you got 2 great choices to choose from! you should ask your breeder when her mom went into heat as 10 months does seem a bit old to start her first heat she should be at least headed towards it, moody, swelling ect...electra came in at 9 or 10 months i do believe...i do think it was closer to ten, every female is different though and though there supposed to go 6 months between heats thats never on point either. This is why I dont frequent this forum much but enjoy many others, too many internet warriors thinking there the catssss meeeoooow but really the "other" word for kitty. lmao
  8. buffmaxwell

    buffmaxwell Little Dog

    update. mila has started her first heat finally. however i found this kinda odd. maddox doesnt appear to even care. which is honestly a huge relief. our other dog lucky, a jack russell. whenver shes goes into heat maddox is literally crazy and manic for atleast like 2 weeks. hes umbarable to be around. i was just wondering if this was a normal with a dogs first heat? i was thinking she isnt producing the pheromones yet.
  9. Bullful

    Bullful Little Dog

    A good stud dog will know when the time is right, wait 10-14 days and see how he is behaving.
  10. Hucklebutt

    Hucklebutt Banned Back Yard Breeder

    nice new website Ian, are you expecting puppies soon? Im glad you removed what you copied from my site off of yours, much appreciated.

    Bull Terrier


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