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First Annual PBC Internet Dog Show...POST PICS by 7-11-2009 @ 12 Noon CST

Discussion in 'Contests & Events' started by DieselDawg, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. DieselDawg

    DieselDawg Good Dog

    First Annual PBC Internet Dog Show

    Group #1 = APBT/AST............... Group #2 = EBT................... Group #3 = SBT................... Group #4 = AB

    ***Groups 1-4 will be divided by Male and Female (so list your dog's sex)***

    Expert Class:
    ***for owners with dogs that have competed previously in ADBA/UKC/AKC dog shows for points
    ***limited to dogs with proper registration by one of the three registries listed above (honor system in effect)

    Intermediate Class:
    ***for owners with dogs that have not “seriously competed†(meaning pointed) in any three registries listed above
    ***limited to dogs with proper registration by one of the three registries listed above

    Open Class:
    ***for owners of dogs with unknown parentage that have the a dog that is phenotype (looks like) an APBT/AST, EBT, SBT. AM


    Group #5 = AmBully

    ***Group #5 will be divided by Male and Female (so list your dog's sex)***

    Expert Class:
    ***for owners with dogs that have competed previously in any registry that recognizes the AmBully such as ABKC ect. OR for owners with dogs that are registered and have not yet competed in an organized “dog show†for points
    Intermediate Class:
    ***limited to dogs with proper registration by a recognized registry for the AmBully OR for those who consider their dog to be an AmBully regardless of “breed†registry moniker

    Open Class:
    ***for owners of dogs with unknown parentage that have the a dog that is phenotype (looks like) an AmBully


    Group #6 = Puppy Class 0-5+ months…from any Group #1 thru #5

    Group #7 = Puppy Class 6-12 months…from any Group #1 thru #5

    Group #8 = All Breeds/Mixes under 35 pounds

    Group #9 = All Breeds/Mixes 35 pounds and Over


    1-Quality pic of your dog “stackedâ€
    2-Quality pics of your dog “showing muscular structure†/ 1 from the side and 1 from the rear…like on the end of a leash
    1-Quality pic of your dog in action…your choice as in running/jumping/sofa surfing/ect.
    1-Quality pic of your dog and their “Pit Smileâ€â€¦ a close up of the head/eyes/ears

    (Only 5 pics will be accepted. The only information that should be included with the pics is Dog's Name, Dog's Age, Dog's Sex(if required by class structure) and "Dog's Weight (Groups #8 and #9))

    ***All pics must be current. They must be taken during the time of the contest...meaning no pics previous to 3-30-2009. Also no alterations allowed to pics (ie. photoshop, ect.). We will rely on the HONOR SYSTEM!!!***

    The contest will run from now until July 10th 2009. All pics and registrations shall be submitted no later than 7-10-2009. The results will be posted on July 20th 2009. All pics must be taken during this time (no old pics).

    Winners will receive “Certificates†indicating Placing and Group #. Prize Structure (how deep the awards will go) will be based on Group Depth. 1st…2nd…3rd will be given in all classes as a minimum as long as there are at least 3 entrants. Other Groups might go deeper by the 50% rule based on number in Group. (ie…8 or 9 entrants would have 4 awards, 10-11 wound have 5 and so on). Members with dogs entered in a Group will not be judging that group.

    All decisions by judges shall be final. All pics will be posted no later than July 10th 2009 for all to see! Let's have fun with this!

    OFFICIAL ENTRIES THREAD: http://www.pitbull-chat.com/showthread.php?p=276473#post276473
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 10, 2009
  2. DieselDawg

    DieselDawg Good Dog

    OK Contestants...Please only submit 5 pics with no adlib context...you will not sway the judges with extra verse...LOL.

    3-30-2009 to 6-30-2009 should give ya'll plenty of time to condition your dogs and get some good quality pics.

    Try to make all your pics the same size for easy viewing...and good quality. We are not judging the photography, but it does need to be clear.

    Make sure your pics are downloaded on a site that will be operational on the 6-30-2009 cutoff date.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 29, 2009
  3. Turner

    Turner Good Dog

    Hey DD, can members enter more than one dog? Or does each member need to choose one of their dogs to enter?
  4. DieselDawg

    DieselDawg Good Dog

    Multiple dogs is fine...everyone and every"dog" is welcome. Also note that Groups 1 - 5 are divided into Male and Female.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 29, 2009
  5. GingerGirl

    GingerGirl Big Dog

    Just took the treats away and now must learn how to get her to stack:lol:!
  6. apbtmom76

    apbtmom76 Good Dog

    wow these rules are strict. good luck everyone, think me an dmine will sit this one out. :D Can't wait to see all the entries though
  7. DieselDawg

    DieselDawg Good Dog

    Strict? Any Dog, Any Age, Just Submit Pics on the Honor System, Free, Fun...yep-Definitely Strict...
  8. apbtmom76

    apbtmom76 Good Dog

    now you are making fun of me?? ok again there seems to be a meltdown in my communication to people. Not necessarily strict.... whatever. Not in the mood this morning.

    I really can't wait to see all the entrants. This should be fun for all those who enter. :)
  9. DieselDawg

    DieselDawg Good Dog

    Here are the "Groups". I think there is a place for Everyone...

    Group #1 APBT/AST Male/Expert

    Group #1 APBT/AST Female/Expert

    Group #1 APBT/AST Male/Intermediate

    Group #1 APBT/AST Female/Intermediate

    Group #1 Male/Any Phenotype APBT/AST-Open

    Group #1 Female/Any Phenotype APBT/AST-Open


    Group #2 Male/Expert/EBT

    Group #2 Female/Expert/EBT

    Group #2 Male/Intermediate/EBT

    Group #2 Female/Intermediate/EBT

    Group #2Male/Any Phenotype EBT-Open

    Group #2Female/Any Phenotype EBT-Open


    Group #3 Male/Expert/SBT

    Group #3 Female/Expert/SBT

    Group #3 Male/Intermediate/SBT

    Group #3 Female/Intermediate/SBT

    Group #3Male/Any Phenotype SBT-Open

    Group #3Female/Any Phenotype SBT-Open


    Group #4 Male/Expert/AB

    Group #4 Female/Expert/AB

    Group #4 Male/Intermediate/AB

    Group #4 Female/Intermediate/AB

    Group #4Male/Any Phenotype AB-Open

    Group #4Female/Any Phenotype AB-Open


    Group #5 Male/Expert/AmBully

    Group #5 Female/Expert/AmBully

    Group #5 Male/Intermediate/AmBully

    Group #5 Female/Intermediate/AmBully

    Group #5 Male/Open/Phenotype AmBully

    Group #5 Female/Open/Phenotype AmBully


    Group #6 Puppy 0-5+ Months


    Group #7 Puppy 6-12 months


    Group #8 = All Breeds/Mixes under 35 pounds


    Group #9 = All Breeds/Mixes 35 pounds and Over
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 30, 2009
  10. apbtmom76

    apbtmom76 Good Dog

    :D:D Thanks DD. Guess I didn't catch it the first time I read it. My bad. :)
  11. April

    April Good Dog

    I am excited because soon I am getting a DSLR camera and I will be taking TONS of pictures of her....Btw, Diesel, where are those pics??? :)
  12. DieselDawg

    DieselDawg Good Dog

    Hopefully some will start entering soon...but you have to get all your "dogs" in a row first...
  13. Shoshana

    Shoshana Little Dog

    I know you wrote no PS, but what about minor stuff like cropping, resizing, levels? And what size is best?


  14. Jelet

    Jelet Banned

    I am not a judge or anything, but I say the pictures should stay the same, and no editing should be done. Leave the picture how it is. No editing at all. So its fair for people who do not have PhotoShop. The photoshops pictures may make the dog look better and make the picture better.. ect. Also, sometimes when you resize the picture the dog looks more muscular because it gets all compacted i guess you could say.

    for example

    this is a resized pic of rex.

    and look how he looks. His muscles dont really look like this. He does have muscles.. But he does not look like this in real life. The resizeing changed the way he looks,


    because the picture got smaller and made rex look a little wider and bigger than what he really is.. thus resulting in his muscles looking bigger when they really dont look like this.

    so yea.. i say no resizing or anything with photoshop. i doubt the picture is going to be like 999999999 x9999999999 where resizing would need to be done. or 2x2 ......

    Im not a judge or anything as i said but i say no ps at all period. no cropping or resizing or anything..

    lets wait for DD , to see what he has to say.
  15. innocence621

    innocence621 Little Dog

    Cropping and resizing could be done in photobucket too for those who don't have PS. I'd rather just see the dog than a bunch of stuff in the background.
  16. Patch O' Pits

    Patch O' Pits Good Dog

    Very cool idea! This is such a great forum!
  17. GingerGirl

    GingerGirl Big Dog

    In reponse to the photo editing questions...
  18. lmwst18

    lmwst18 Good Dog

    I'm not sure my Great Dane or Bulldog can stack but we will try!!!
  19. Shoshana

    Shoshana Little Dog

    If you resize and keep the proportions the same the dog will look exactly the same but the picture will be smaller.

    Y'all are gonna see some biga** pictures if there's no resizing - like 4Gb+ in file size for pics that are 3872x2592 pixels.

    Well you would if there was a way to upload them - there isn't.

    I can see not making changes in the picture itself - removing or adding objects (besides cropping) or changing the background. I can see not using plugins or anything you can't use in a basic editing program available to everyone - ie photobucket.

    I'll wait for the official answer too :)
  20. xdogs

    xdogs Good Dog

    As long as the aspect ratio is kept, the dog will look exactly the same in a large as in a smaller picture. The only thing that you can do to "pop" them muscles, is to play with lighting and filters at the time of snapping the picture ;)

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