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Finally figured out how to stick a pic up properly

Discussion in 'Bull Terrier Pictures' started by Georgina, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. Georgina

    Georgina Puppy

    Finally figured out how to get the pictures up properly. So I thought I'd introduce Titan properly. Instead of doing random pics

    5 weeks old.jpg
    The Day we got him. He was tiny came from a huge litter. 5 Weeks old
    8 Weeks, his polka dots on his nose where already going away
    titan baby 2.jpg
    His chewing phase was trying
    A year Old, Ignore my huge ass in the frame :blush:
    Titan a little older.jpg
    6 Months old, his favourite spot to sit
  2. GhostBuster

    GhostBuster Little Dog

    He is so handsome! I love his big black ears. :grin:
  3. Beki

    Beki Good Dog Premium Member

    He is utterly adorable!
  4. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    Omg, he's super adorable!

    And your ass is NOT big :lol:
  5. Georgina

    Georgina Puppy

    Haha, he has a pair of awesome bat ears on him, thank you though.
  6. Georgina

    Georgina Puppy

    It's actually freaky just how attached I've gotten to him, especially since I'm supposed to be a cat person ;)
    He loves swimming, especially at the beach, but he avoids the swimming pool on pain of death
  7. He's georgous, love his markings!
  8. miniluv

    miniluv Puppy

    He looks great ! Good luck with him.
  9. Georgina

    Georgina Puppy

    Thank you, I'm proud of Titan. He's a good dog. He is extremely people orientated. I started him at puppy school at 8 weeks, then on to obedience training with a school geared specifically towards English Bull Terriers. He has taken to training extremely well, I wanted to make sure he was properly socialised with other animals. I've been pondering agility classes for him. He absolutely loves his walks. We do a 1 hour walk/run in the morning and then a 2 hour walk in the late afternoon when it isn't too hot. To be honest I had an easier time getting him trained than our basset hound. The basset is a complete nightmare.
  10. xchairity_casex

    xchairity_casex Good Dog

    Hes a handsome boy! you are doing a great job with him! and ill bet he would LOVE Agility! I say go for it if you have a place nearby that has a course for it. Bullies can be VERY easy to train-when you find out how to motivate them LOL!
  11. Georgina

    Georgina Puppy

    We are lucky in that regard, the dog training school here, does the whole shebang. So puppy training, obedience, agility and protection training, they are literally just down the road as well. Titan is highly energetic so I find he needs quite a lot of stimulation. As long as he's being challenged (he's a lot smarter than I originally thought the breed was - to be fair I thought they where extremely stubborn and fairly independent and hard to train... I was incredibly green when we got him, thank heaven for the training school) and gets plenty of exercise he doesn't turn our garden into a moon crater.

    I was fairly surprised when I found out what his motivating factor was. He will literally do just about anything for affection. We've gotten to the point where he will bring his fetch stick and carefully place it on a flat open palm held in front of him. He has decimated the wood pile by picking his own fetch stick and then chewing it. I don't give him tennis balls to play with, they just don't last.

    I have to admit I had quite a lot of misconceptions when my husband convinced me that an English Bull Terrier was a good idea. In other instances I got really crappy advice from vets too. It is safe to say I'm a convert. I doubt if I would ever get any other breed in the future :grin:
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 8, 2013
  12. indelibledotink

    indelibledotink Little Dog

    he's pretty cute, his patterning is like mei's. I guess bull terriers can be kind of neat looking, i'm not really used to them.

    when I clicked on the thread I was thinking that your dog had just learned how to pick up sticks, lol.
  13. Georgina

    Georgina Puppy

    Mei is a lovely looking dog. Titan is Mostly white, the only significant markings he has are on his ears and the one eye. Apart from those he has a few random polka dots scattered on his back, stomach and the inside of his mouth.

    Titan learned a long time ago to pick up sticks ;)
  14. Georgina

    Georgina Puppy

    Right I thought it was probably time to add a few more pictures of Titan... So here goes nothing

    Attached Files:

  15. xchairity_casex

    xchairity_casex Good Dog

    Awwww, love the first one!
    So cute!!!
  16. Georgina

    Georgina Puppy

    That one made us all laugh, it is amazing how small they can curl themselves up to fit into spaces with their humans. We have red dirt, so he actually looks more cream than white when we've been out playing.

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