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Few questions, no negativity please :O

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by TiffaneeCavan1, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. Is my dog put together okay? Like her body structure and all that?
    These pics are from when she was like 10 mo. now she's almost a year
    in two days! Will get updated pics, but in your guys opinion, I can handle it! :P
    kdk_4211[1] by ProudPitBullMama, on Flickr
    kdk_4208 by ProudPitBullMama, on Flickr
    kdk_4345 by ProudPitBullMama, on Flickr

    Few more random questions that I'd like to know :]
    1: Flat feet? I've seen so many dogs with feet that look, well.. like they're not even feet! What causes it? The breeding of the parents? Or what..
    already got some info. like more please :D
    2: arched backs? :\ looks painful.. is that also from genetics??
    3: Merle Apbts :o I've been looking into them, they're kinda neat! But I haven't seen many of them around.. are they full apbt? Or mixed w/ something O_o
    4: Is it okay to work my dog on a treadmil? Not having her run, & only for like 10 mins a day. It won't hurt her any right? :)

    That's all for now ! :D Thank youuuu!​
  2. ReleaseTheHounds

    ReleaseTheHounds Little Dog

    I'll let someone else touch conformation, although I'm guessing they will want up to date pictures.

    Merle is a can of worms, my advice to you is to read the tons of threads already made on the subject and decide what side of the fence you are on.

    I can speak to the treadmill and would like in turn to ask you questions instead. Why ten minutes walking only? what do you hope to accomplish? Walking on a mill for 10 minutes will not exercise the dog, get it in better shape, or burn energy. You actually want the dog to run. Make sure you create a proper way to hold the dog on the mill...there are lots of threads around showing diy mill work to add sides and a harness holder.Also are you using an emill or a slat or carpet mill?
  3. Elliehanna

    Elliehanna GRCH Dog

    well she is pretty, can't help ya with structure at all since I don't show dogs but I can answer some of your other questions

    2. I think genetics plays a role, it does not seem to hurt the dog any, my boy's back is a bit roached and he seems fine

    3. merle apbt are mixed mutts, the merle coloring is not part of any bully breed as far as I know, I know the catahoula leapard dog is where people sometimes mix the merle in

    4. I think its fine to use a treadmil, I want one so I can use it for my dog
  4. I said 10 mins walking only cause I got told to start her out slow, but she's a very active dog so I can probably do more. I'm trying to get her in shape for weight pullinig, and my brother said one of the best ways is to have her on the treadmil & to use a flirt pole to strengthen her legs. I don't know the different types of treadmils, that's why I'm asking questions :] what one do you think would be best??
  5. ReleaseTheHounds

    ReleaseTheHounds Little Dog

    I prefer a slat or carpet mill simply because the dog can set its own pace, with the emill a motor is controlling the speed. start slow, but don't think you need to stick to walking forever - you want to increase the speed over time.
  6. ReleaseTheHounds

    ReleaseTheHounds Little Dog

    I'd also suggest getting a weight pull harness and starting small, dragging a milk jug with some rocks in it is a good start to get the dog used to the sensation of dragging something and hearing noise behind it. The pull doggies website has good info for starting weight pull training. I'd link it but I am on my phone making it sort of a chore to do... just google pull doggies and check out the cvarious giuides they have.
  7. Okay :D! Thank you very much. I'm looking forward to this.
    One more question [sorry] she doesn't have to be un-spayed
    to enter in a weight pull contest right?
  8. JakesMom5332

    JakesMom5332 Little Dog

    I'm not sure that anyone can really comment on structure for several reasons. First off it is hard to really get a good tell on structure without putting your hands on the dog, and without actually seeing movement.

    But, she's a very striking girl!
  9. Oh, alright :D! When I go home for winter break [I CANT WAIT TO SEE MY BABY >_<♥] I'll take some pics/vids of her running or something :D! Man, I hate being away from my girl :\
  10. Jazzy

    Jazzy GRCH Dog

  11. apbtkidz

    apbtkidz Little Dog

    Is she free stacking or did you stack her? If she is free stacked, she looks put together good for a 10 month old pup.

    As for weight pulling, she can be spayed with UKC, APA & IWPA. With UKC you would have to register her Limited Privilege, dogs that are LP registered can enter in working events only.

    I also agree with a slat or carpet mill, I think that they get a better work out because the dog is the one working/moving the mill.

    The picture is my dog I had a few years ago. Her UKC weight was 49/50 lbs and ADBA weight was 36 lbs. She ran on the mill, dragged weighted and spring poled to get in to shape for ADBA.

    Attached Files:

  12. Zylonist

    Zylonist Little Dog

    Best thing to do is attend a weight pulling competition, I'm sure they will be more than happy to help you. GL
  13. yes she was free stacking.. actually she was watching a squirrel.. lol

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