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Feeding and bellys.

Discussion in 'American Bully Health' started by Mrs.Record, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. Mrs.Record

    Mrs.Record Puppy

    Luckily my Vet is a personal friend of mine so I always have her on stand by. And let me tell you guys I am sure she is sick of seeing my face pop up on her phone since we got our Ella Snow. Yet, here I am concerned about my 7 week old baby and thought I may ask you guys a few questions.
    Ella is just shy of 8 weeks old.
    I have had her since 6 1/2 weeks and this has been our feeding schedule.
    Milk weaning supplement 3x a day
    wet/dry puppy mixture about 2 tablespoons 3x a day.
    she has had her first wormer 3 days ago and first round of shots yesterday.

    She has developed a small anal prolapse my vet is not too concerned about ( but i am) that we have been alternating prep H and Triple antibiotic on. It has not gotten worse,
    She repeatedly get a crazy swollen belly and I feel like she isnt pooping enough maybe 3x a day????
    her behavior is normal
    she always acts like she is starving and I caught her several times trying to eat the big dog kibble and have picked it up.

    So with all this information I have divulged I am taking ALL suggestions and advice. I only want to do the best for my girl and as a mother I cannot help but always worry about my babies.

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