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Ending on a high note

Discussion in 'Pit Bull Shows & Events' started by Beret, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. Beret

    Beret Bullyflop

    Had our last dock jumping comp of the season this weekend, and Garp seriously worked it.

    Set a new personal best of 21' and consistently hit over 20' every jump, caught the bumper twice (first time EVER getting a catch in competition), and took 3rd in Masters.

    So I'm pretty proud of this nugget. Who is now is post-sport-weekend coma, after WP on Saturday, dock diving Sunday, and nosework Monday.

    Now we're stuck with no plans for upcoming trials which is a weird feeling. But I'm sure that will change ;)

    He is registered as APBT within Dock Dogs Worldwide because... Well because best guess and that's why and I wanted to and it's too late now so whatever. Anyways, he's currently ranked 3rd in the breed, and of all bull breeds, worldwide and this latest batch of scores should bump his average to 2nd worldwide.

    Probably more pictures to come.




  2. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Administrator

    Amazing pictures!! That last picture..his eyes look a little crazy...LOL
    EstyEsty likes this.
  3. CrazyK9

    CrazyK9 Good Dog

    So awesome. Congrats. :)))
  4. charlieblue

    charlieblue Big Dog

    Way to go, you guys!!! Congratulations!
  5. BCdogs

    BCdogs Good Dog Super Moderator

    Great pictures and congrats to both of you!
  6. noahthestar

    noahthestar Little Dog

    Wow great pictures, and congrats.

    Sent from my SGH-M919 using Tapatalk
  7. Beret

    Beret Bullyflop

    Thanks guys :)

    I was off though, it was a club event so it doesn't affect his average. Still ranked 3rd among bull breeds in the org, not bumped to 2nd.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 17, 2014
  8. Beret

    Beret Bullyflop

    Speed retrieve!

  9. Lillie May

    Lillie May Good Dog

    Ha ha ha, I didn't notice until you pointed it out. Congratulations to you both.
  10. Tiffseagles

    Tiffseagles GRCH Dog Premium Member

    Love the photos! Congratulations on your awesome year!
  11. Mollie's Nana

    Mollie's Nana Krypto Super Dog Staff Member


    Congratulations!! Those are some great pictures, I love the last one in the first series, how focused he is... and the last one you posted... he has AMAZING eyes!! :hearts::hearts:
  12. natbelle

    natbelle Little Dog

    Congrats!! What a handsome boy. :supersmilie:
  13. Great pics.
  14. Jazzy

    Jazzy GRCH Dog

    Congratulations you 2; great team work!!!

    Love the pictures, you can tell Garp is totally into it!
  15. Humblepit

    Humblepit Good Dog

    Congrats!!! Both of you have really good form in the last pic lol

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