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Emergency help for Pregnant Yoko

Force feeding?

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Hello there and thank you so very much for reading this thread. I am beyond desperate at this point, and am trying anything and everything to help my Yoko "Oh-No!" Good, a 13 month old Bully, who developed a prolapse in her first heat and we decided to AI. She is 53 days pregnant today (7/18/19) and has been very sick since day 45.
Let me tell you the whole story, so you have all the information I do....
I was gone for 5 days, conducting business down south, and had a close friend and coworker watching the dogs (I care for in between 17-24 at a time, live on site, and do this full time 24/7) over the duration of my absence. He did not notice anything wrong with Yoko while I was gone, but she was being housed in a kennel with her (also pregnant) sister, Rollie "Pollie" Good and taken in at night to a smaller wire kennel inside. I have inspected both indoor and outdoor kennels, and the path she walks in between. Nothing. No garbage, no old toys, no poison plants, nothing. We do have gardener and rattle snakes, but no wounds have been found on her body by myself, or 3 vets.
So when I returned last week, I did my rounds, and notices I could see Yoko didnt look to well. She is normally very active and happy, but this day I just got a small tail wag, and I could see her first bottom rib showing. The man who watched them did not anything wrong with her.
I finished my rounds and it was my day to worm the dogs, so I mixed up single portions with wet food, and begun seperating and distributing them amongst the dogs. Yoko was the only one who refused to eat even 1 bite.
I seperated her from her sister, brought her upstairs with me, and tried to feed her EVERYTHING; Puppy food, wet good, boiled fat removed ground beef, boiled skinless chicken, rice homemade bone broth and cottage cheese. She refused it all. After not eating for the rest of that day and the next, I brought her into her vet. She had a 5 day stay, in which not much was found out. She has 3 puppies inside her, they saw 2-3 heartbeats, and saw some small pieces of gravel in her GI tract (I immidiately raked all gravel up from the 2 kennels that had some on the ground) and something they discribed as soft tissue in her tummy. After 5 days, being on iv, not eating, twice being force fed, she was vomiting often and not holding down water. The vet said to consider euthanasia. I refused right away, and pulled her out of that vet and transferred her to the most prestigious er vet in southern oregon. They had her for 2 days, but have had no idea why she is so sick. They wanted $800 a day to keep her, and after already spending $3000 to have no answers or guarantees, I brought her home.
She is definitely happier at home, but is still vomiting often, and it smells awful. I have her on sub q fluids, injection antibiotics, tums, and metoclopramide/reglan. She cant hold the reglan down, but I've had some luck with the tums stayind down. She still is refusing all the above offered foods, and today I am going to syring some bone broth into her mouth. Even if she vomits, I figure something has to be absorbed....
The vets are stumped, so an I. Do you have ANY ideas or thoughts to help? Please, I am desperate....

Thank you for your time and thoughts.

Raechel Good